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Corporate learning is changing rapidly in response to the sea change in the business and consumer environment. Fresh approaches, advanced technologies and a new concept of engagement are key ingredients to success today.

Drawing from 15+ years of global L&D expertise and best-in-class technology, Centum’s smart Learning eXperience Platform (LXP Platform) – Centum LearnPro® empowers you to develop, deliver and track training for your employees, clients, and partners by integrating the four training delivery modes of self-paced training, classroom training, live virtual training & MOOCs. These can be delivered across multiple devices through online & offline modes through a user-friendly interface. It allows quick creation of courses, assessments, auto certification, gamification, a user-level learning journey and generates detailed analytics of training helping maximize effectiveness.

LXP, Learning Experience Platform, is a logical extension of the LMS or the Learning Management System. The LXP learning experience platform is an integrated learning software that serves as a single learning destination through integration of multiple learning platforms designed for a user-centric holistic learning experience.

How Centum LearnPro® Works for You

Role based automated new hire induction training

Role-based Automated New Hire Induction Training

Provide new team members with a comprehensive, personalized onboarding training experience with structured anytime-anywhere learning, reducing time to the desk, and kick-start enhanced productivity for your new hires

Integrated learning icon

Integrated Learning

Integrate various training delivery modes – self-paced learning, classroom training, live virtual training and MOOCs in a single platform and thus enhance all-round learning experience and glean insightful learning analytics

Compliance training icon

Hassle-free Compliance Training

Take the complicated compliance training online and make it less of a headache. Just upload the material and let the platform manage the rest, getting analytics in almost real time

product & process training

Continuous Product & Process Training

Constantly train and up-skill your distributed workforce to maximize their performance with interactive, engaging bite-sized content

KPI based training allocation

KPI-based Training Allocation

Integrate your sales management, PMS, or other employees’ KPI tools with the learning platform and get the training allocated basis on employees’ KPIs. Automatically allocate the required and appropriate learning content to each employee

Trainer certification

Trainer Certification

Get your trainers’ training & certification done through the learning platform. Enable online training, generate certificates, collate data, print certificates, and dispatch too

Real time communication

Real-time Communication

Give unity of purpose to your organization by using advanced, intuitive, real-time communication tools to communicate, collaborate and drive meaningful discussions amongst your employees across geographies

Employee engagement icon

Employee Engagement

Constantly ‘engage’ your workforce by making them part of each product/ process-rollouts, announcements, news & updates

Platform Features

    • Cloud Based Solution – AI Enabled Recommendation Engine – Smarter employees need smarter learning recommendations while others may need more support and help. The AI enabled recommendation engine recommends courses basis learner history making relevant courses available to them to enhance their skills.
    • Classroom Training Management – Easy management of all classroom trainings from online nominations, wait list, approval workflow, notification, pre read, digital training material & post training assessment, attendance, feedback and certification.
    • On The Fly Detailed Analytics –Detailed and insightful learning analytics, available on the fly at organization level, course level, assessment, feedback and so on, helps in taking the right learning decisions for employees in good time.
    • Learning Journey –Personalization makes learning effective. Create role-based learning journey with a clear outcome focus combining various types of trainings i.e. self-paced, classroom, live instructor training and MOOCs courses.
    • Gamification – Make the learning engaging for the employees by converting it into a gaming experience. Employees get points for various milestones like course completion, first time login, passing an assessment, etc. A smart leader board posts up their points and rankings.
    • Integration & Open APIs – Integrate with your HRIS or another internal or external platform made easy through the availability of APIs
    • User Management – Either integrate with your existing HRIS for user management or quickly upload uses through an excel sheet making the complete process simple.
    • Course Management – Upload various courses on the platform in seconds. Through your exclusive admin portal, manage which course should be visible to which segment of employees for self-enrolment or encourage specific sets of employees to take selected courses.
    • Assessment Tool – Launch an assessment for all or select set of employees in minutes. Options to randomize the same, have sections, have difficulty level, time the same, and have pass percentage and many more options.
    • FlashCard Authoring Tool – Create micro learning nuggets at zero cost using the Flash Card based content authoring tool.
    • Secure Communication – Inbuilt communication tool ensures that your communication with teams as well as individuals remains within your learning application and is not shared with third party platforms.
    • Notifications – Keep engaging with your employees through in-app notification as well as email notification.
    • Online Survey & Feedback – No need of waiting for the trainers to compile training feedback. Create survey / feedback from within the learning platform to take a feedback for a particular course, learning content, classroom training, etc.
    • MOOCs integration – Integrate with various MOOCs providers to give an integrated learning experience to your employees. Make courses available from various providers within the same learning platform.
    • Universal Search – Searching courses made simpler. With universal search, the employees can search for any courses basis a keyword / skill they want to learn.
    • Support Multi Type of Content – Upload documents (ppt, pdf, images, gif), video, SCORM, YouTube & Web links to enhance the learning experience for your employees.
  • Learning eXperience Platform (LXP) – A use case

    Standard Induction Training versus Induction through LXP

    Post onboarding of new hires, an organisation needs to deliver induction training to ensure the smooth arrival of the new employees and alignment with the role, function and the company vision. Given the norm in the industry, all new hires, regardless of their roles, undergo a standard induction training that covers induction by various business leaders many a times making a segment of the induction training redundant for a few new hires. The full day induction training is a superfluous process that turns monotonous leading to a longer time to desk.

    Read on to learn how the induction training through LXP stands out against the limitations of a standard induction training.

    Induction through LXP

    The Learning eXperience Platform works through a structured approach. First of all, it creates a well-organised induction training plan with respect to the role and function or department. These subdivisions take into account the important elements of distinction and therefore, the learning program accommodates customisation within the process of induction making is more relevant for that new hires.

    The Induction journey is automatically pushed to a new hire on the date of their joining. The day wise induction training journey is auto allocated to the new hires in a very structured manner so that they possess enough time for getting up-to-speed. The learner experience is prioritised under a Learning eXperience Platform since the induction trainings are designed in a way that supports learning through diverse forms of content for the new hires with respect to a particular role for which they’ve joined thus making it more relevant for them. The multi range of LXP functionalities also involves collecting online feedback from the new hires in a periodic manner to assess their onboarding experience. The induction journey gets displayed on the new hire dashboard for ease of navigation and assessment is undertaken post the completion of the training program.

    In this manner, onboarding training through the top LXP platforms, not only results in better learning results for the new hires, but also for the organisation. It is a highly engaging and relevant form of onboarding that must be utilised more often. And guess what, onboarding isn’t just the single function of LXP, it can be used to deliver a host of other L&D functions as well.

Need to know how we can positively impact your business through our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) – Centum LearnPro?

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Developed a one-stop LXP solution for all L&D needs at India’s largest cinema company
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Onboarded 500+ final year students as a Young Manager’s (YM) for a leading private health insurance company
Accelerating onboarding at India’s largest Telecom Company
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