At Centum, we provide a better solution – we help you establish a customised leadership academy. We co-create a competency framework, devise individual development plans, design programmes, assess your leaders, and provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to support the academy’s success. Our leadership academy covers all levels of leadership, including first-time managers, seasoned executives, and senior leaders.

By establishing a leadership academy, you can develop your leaders in line with your company’s ethos and competencies. Additionally, our academy can become a part of your company’s ongoing learning and development (L&D) activities, ensuring that your leaders are continuously improving and acquiring the skills needed to drive your company’s success.

At Centum, we are passionate about helping organizations build effective leadership academies. Contact us today to find out how we can help you establish a customized leadership academy that meets your needs and incorporates the latest thinking in leadership development.

Our Approach

Competency Framework

Competency Framework

We validate or help develop leadership competency frameworks. With our research, we can validate your existing framework. If you don’t have one, we’ll create it collaboratively by gathering input from your team, experts, and our research team. The framework and behavioral indicators will vary based on leadership levels.

Assessment Center

Assessment Center

After establishing your competencies, we conduct an assessment center to identify areas where leaders at all levels require intervention. The center aligns with the competency framework and expected behaviors for each level. We use various assessments (psychometric tests, interviews, self-reflection) to evaluate leaders.

Individual Development Plans

Individual Development Plans

Based on their assessments as well as inputs from their reporting managers, we will help you craft individual development plans. These individual development plans will involve a mixture of structured programs, both self paced and live, along with coaching support.



Our partnerships with leading leadership programs, such as the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), enable us to guide your leaders through personalized development plans. Our programs are tailored to help develop competencies specific to your organization. We offer a mix of self-paced and live instruction, which can take place online, in a classroom, or outbound.



Structured programs improve performance, and coaching can enhance the impact. We provide personalized coaching to ensure your leaders apply what they learn. Our expert coaches guide leaders through group or individual interactions. We onboard coaches who align with your organization’s goals.



We strongly believe that all assessment ought to be focused on growth. Our assessment center is entirely focused on that. However, in the short term, you may need to make some decisions about the future of your leaders and what responsibilities are appropriate for them. Our evaluation will aid you in making such decisions.



No matter how much you intervene through L&D, real, long-lasting impact will only happen when these ideas become a part of your daily culture. Mentorship programs can help achieve that. We will help you implement an internal mentorship program for leaders at all levels. We will help you match mentors to mentees, orient mentors, and support them in their ongoing mentorship.

Program Outcomes

Need to know how we can positively impact your business through our Leadership Academy Solutions?

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Client Speak

Varun Kakaria

Regional IS Director - South Asia

Reckitt Benckiser

Dinesh Bhrushundi

Ex-Chief Quality Officer

Delhi International Airport Ltd.

Ichiro Maeda

Director - Operations

IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance

Jia Lal Koundal

Group Head – Trade Marketing, Sellout, Exclusive Channel & DRM


Gaurav Paruthi

AVP – L&D (HR)

HDFC Ergo Health (Earlier Apollo Munich Health Insurance)

Case Studies

Impacted business of a global consumer goods company
Impacting service quality of India’s largest International airport
Case study – Training assessment intervention for an automobile client
Using experiential learning to align a team of doctors with organizations values at a leading hospital chain
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In the evolving corporate realm, embracing various modes of corporate training delivery is vital. This piece offers a thorough exploration of training modes, spotlighting their relevance in fostering continuous learning and adaptability.

Sales Training Programs & Topics: Comprehensive Sales Programs

Unlock the potential of your sales team with our top sales training programs. This article delves into the importance of sales training and highlights customized solutions that can drive performance and revenue growth. Discover how investing in sales training can lead to business success.

Should Sales Training Differ For Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are sold by highly trained sales staff who have a deep understanding of what makes their product so special. When you buy luxury, you're not just buying something—you're buying into an experience that promises to deliver an elevated sense of yourself. Due to this, its training program should be different.

Behavioural Training For Gig Workers

In the current scenario, many people are moving from full-time positions to freelancing or gig work. To ensure optimal performance, behavioural training is necessary for these gig workers. This article discusses the challenges they face and the importance of training.

Behavioural training needs for remotely working employees

With the shift to a 'Work from home' scenario, organizations are looking to upskill the workforce. Read on to know the behavioural training needs for remote employees.

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Hard skills are easily measurable, but it is often the soft skills that help make the difference. Read on to understand the importance of corporate soft skills training in 2021.

Behavioural training for corporate employees in India: An Overview

Behavioural training can help your company grow by giving employees effective training to do what they do best. Read this article to know how.

A comprehensive guide to Learning Management System (LMS/LXP)

Learning management systems (LMS/LXP) have gained importance as an effective tool in the corporate training world with the change in learning pattern and emergence of digital medium for training.

First Time Manager Training Programs & Topics: Essential Soft Skills for Success

Our first-time manager training programs are designed to equip new leaders with essential soft skills for success. These programs cover key areas such as communication, coaching, people management, and more. By investing in these training programs, organizations can enhance employee engagement, productivity, and foster a positive work culture. Equip your leaders with the right tools and drive your organization's success.

Increasing sales with emotional intelligence

While hard skills and conceptual skills are key to the success of sales professionals, ‘EQ is the differentiator’ in the new buying environment, written by Tripti Singh and Geetika Malik Chandra, chief learning officer, and lead, content (research & analysis), Centum Learning Limited.

Implementing Blended Learning in a Company: Challenges and Solutions

Blended learning is an effective and low-risk strategy for addressing the challenges posed by the transformational changes owing to rapid technological advancements. However, implementing blended learning brings with it a certain set of challenges. written by Tripti Singh and Geetika Malik Chandra, chief learning officer, and lead, content (research & analysis), Centum Learning Limited.

Does your organization really need a Sales and Service Academy?

For long term sustainable growth, it is essential to move away from ad-hoc sales and service development interventions towards the Sales and Service Academy model. by Suvendu Dhar Head, Corporate Business Solutions

Navigating the Future of Work: 5 Essential Leadership Skills for 2023

Discover the five critical leadership skills that are indispensable for achieving success in the evolving world of work in 2023 and beyond.

by Sanjay Bahl

How healthy is your Sales Team?

Similar to a health checkup for an individual, a regular ‘check-up’ or assessment of a sales team will proactively help locate sources of inefficiencies. These inefficiencies, if ignored can result in a serious drop in performance. Are you checking the health of your sales team?

by Suvendu Dhar
Head, Corporate Business Solutions

eLearning Content v/s ILT Content : A comparison

The adoption of eLearning is growing by leaps and bounds, though traditional ILT content is still considered more effective by most people. Here are 6 points of difference between eLearning and ILT content.

7 body language tips to ace virtual sales calls

Learn the 7 tips on how to manage your body language to significantly boost your chances during virtual sales calls and drive more revenue.

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The Mantra for & Beyond 2021 – read all the 10 Quality Commandments under QUEST, a troika of QUality Consciousness, Envisaging Efforts and STakeholders synergy to achieve Service Delivery Excellence among the continuously evolving modern world customers.

How to stop the ‘Great Resignation’ at the frontline level

How does employee attrition impacts a retail organization and how you can mitigate the impact.

by Suvendu Dhar
Head, Corporate Business Solutions

How to Transform Your Sales Team Into a Virtual Selling Team

Sales professionals especially B2B sellers faced a great deal of challenges in terms of adapting to virtual selling Here is a model developed by Centum Learning on transforming a traditional sales team to the virtual selling mode.

by Suvendu Dhar
Head, Corporate Business Solutions

Why Training Mid-Level Leaders is Crucial for Organizations?

Organizations comprise of 3 distinct levels- the 1st level, the top-level & the level that’s more important than ever- the middle level, often termed as the driver of an organisation. Learn about the rising worth of mid-level leaders & the role of mid-level training- a tool of strategic importance!

Should Your Business Care About CSR? Here is the Honest Answer

Skilling for CSR, is the infusion of skills in underskilled or impoverished people with an aim to transform their lives through the utilization of these learnt skills. Here is why it is best for companies to invest in skill developments as a CSR intervention.

Why organizations should invest in Skill development as a CSR activity

India is in a favourable position with youngsters as a significant part of its workforce. However, it falls short in converting the youth into a human resource. The HDR-2020 mentions only 1 in 5 Indians in the labour force are skilled. The role of corporates becomes important for CSR in Skill Development.

What are 5 benefits of ‘Blended Learning’ ? – A Centum Learning Blog

A walkthrough on why blended learning works in enhancing learning and development of employees as well as achieving overall business goals.

Challenges faced by Mid-Level Leaders

The mid-level or the backbone of an organization binds the other two levels. The crucial role of mid-level managers isn’t painless at all. They face a host of challenges in their day-to-day operations. Here’s the list and description of the major challenges faced by them and how to tackle them all!

A comprehensive guide on Experiential Learning and its tools

The human brain is adept at retaining information that’s learnt through first-hand experience. This first-hand experience is an important constituent of experiential learning- an advanced form of learning that has proven to be a game-changer. Here’s a comprehensive guide on experiential learning and its different tools.

E-Assessment over Traditional Assessment – A Contemporary Outlook

It’s time to upgrade your assessment game with the advancements in technology. Shift from the traditional world towards modernity in the form of E-Assessment solutions. But why? Learn about the exciting benefits offered by E-Assessment that makes it stand out in this enriching article!

The Strategic Importance of Mid-Level Leaders

From operations to staffing, training to motivation, mid-level leaders play multi-faceted roles that are strategically important to the organization.

Journey of the mid-level leader

Every professional journey in the corporate world begins with an individual contributor role. This article envisages the path of every leader from an individual contributor role to the top management of the organization and the importance of training in the process.

The role of training assessment in the L&D Industry

Training assessment is a process that lets you evaluate the progress of your training program along set benchmarks. Learn more about the role of assessment, the need for it, the tools, application and the most popular models of assessment in this holistic article.

6 Benefits of VILT for Businesses

The adaption of VILT post-COVID 19 has multiplied. Here are 6 reasons why corporates prefer VILT.

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B2C versus B2B sales, the difference we all know! But what about the differences in the B2C and B2B Sales Training? Learn about the nuances of distinct training needs for these two most prominent forms of sales in this intriguing article.

The Centum 5D™ Approach – Deep Dive & Diagnostic

Need Diagnostic Study (NDS) is the first and the foremost step that’s undertaken to initiate the training program for a client. The basic aim of a Need Diagnostic Study is to understand the need for a training intervention by analysing the gaps between the present and the desired outcomes with respect to a specific area of concern.

6 challenges addressed by Zero-Touch-Onboarding

New employee onboarding involves a lot of challenges, particularly during these uncertain time periods marked by the Covid19 pandemic where even physical proximity becomes an obstacle. Here’s how Zero-Touch Onboarding contributes by addressing 6 major challenges associated with onboarding.

How to leverage LinkedIn to amplify virtual selling

Reaching out to a large audience in an organic manner, connecting with people for business and measuring the impact of your virtual selling campaigns, LinkedIn for B2B sales gets you to do them all. But are you leveraging the platform to its fullest? Learn about the platform intricacies in this insightful article!

The Centum 5D™ Approach – Blended Learning Model

Blended Learning Model is the most important component of the 5-D Approach. It succeeds the Need Diagnostic Study and focuses upon actualising the training intervention through the laid-down design of the program.

The Centum 5D™ Approach – Return on Investment (ROI)

Return On Investment or ROI is the final component of the 5D Approach. It seeks to measure the results/outcomes of the training intervention in multiple ways.

Centum’s Content Development Methodology – The ADDIE Model

Here’s how Centum implements the five elements of the ADDIE model- Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation, in the process of its content development to provide absorbing and effective learning solutions.

Emerging E-Learning Content Solutions in the Modern L&D World

Technology has impacted various aspects of life, and learning is no exception. Learning is dependent on content and here is a descriptive guide about emerging E-Learning Content Solutions that are a must for effective learning and development of your employees in this technological world.

How to actively listen to customers

Listening is an art! This art is obviously not very easy to master. Business situations, however demand flawless listening skills to get an accurate insight about the customer’s requirements. Here’s a step-wise guide on how to listen well to your customers.

7 Benefits of Zero Touch Onboarding

From delivering a better user experience that is stress-free to ensuring better tracking of training participation, Centum LearnPro® Zero-Touch-Onboarding (ZTO) has multiple features. Here is the whole list of advantages of ZTO.

The role of E-Assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic

E-Assessment has a key role to play in three major organizational functions viz. recruitment, learning and development as well as succession planning especially during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read about this crucial role played by E-Assessment in detail.

How to collaborate better with your team, virtually

Teams that collaborate tend to trust each other more, are more engaged and perform better. Virtual collaboration means working better as a team while using digital tools to complete tasks. Here are a few tips to make you collaborate better with your team through a virtual medium.

7 steps to craft and share a persuasive story

Storytelling is the process of using fact and narrative to communicate something to your audience. At work, it can be a very effective way to get your point across. Here are the 7 important steps that you should follow for mastering the art of persuasive storytelling.

Why companies should go for Source Hire Train?

Source Hire Train (SHT) is a training model that involves understanding the basic manpower requirement of the client, sourcing candidates through appropriate channels and training the selected ones to make them job-ready right on their first day, right in that sequential order.

The 5 Stage Design Thinking Process

Design thinking is a five-step human-centred process for creative problem-solving. It is all about understanding the user's needs and solving the right problem.

Life of Trainers Post Pandemic

Vamshi Pothur, Trainer - Centum Learning sharing how his experience as a trainer has been since the beginning of the Pandemic. Step into the shoes of trainers to understand how their lives have changed and how they have coped up during the post-pandemic time period.

Tips to Onboard a New Hire the Right Way

5 tips an employer should follow to smoothly onboard new employees and ensure they learn their job responsibilities in an engaging manner.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) – Best practices for corporates

Technology in the learning domain has facilitated the growth of Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) as a learning medium. The digitally empowered VILT offers a variety of benefits. At the same time, it’s essential to understand the VILT best practices to make the best use of the available resource!

Overcoming challenges in training during COVID

Anand Deogoji - Trainer, Centum Learning sharing his experience of conducting training from home

Corporate LMS vs. Academic LMS

It is better to use the LMS optimized for the particular learning needs of users. The following aspects create differentiating line between corporate and educational LMS.

How are sales professionals adapting to the new normal

Virtual sales process, online persona, tools and a lot more to focus on for sales professional in their pursuit of adapting to the new normal. Here are 5 Important tips to succeed in virtual selling by Suvendu Dhar, Head, Corporate Business Solutions.

Learning eXperience Platform – A Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive Learning eXperience Platform (LXP) guide- LXP versus LMS, value offered by LXP, LXP use case and a lot more!

5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a workplace approach that results in the right conditions for each and every member of an organization. This approach motivates the employees to contribute towards the organizational success. Read about the five important ways to follow the approach of workplace engagement.

Virtual selling is here to stay!

Virtual Selling is growing popular day by day. It isn’t simply just an alternative to the traditional sales function, it is much more than that. It is indeed the present and the future as well! Check out the top 7 reasons that support that virtual selling is here to stay!

Future of Training Outsourcing in India and Globally

The learning and development function has evolved over the years. With more and more organizations opting for outsourcing their corporate training to specialist training providers, the future appears bright. Have a look at the estimated future of training outsourcing in India and globally.

Importance of Leadership Training

Leadership is a product that has high demand and low supply. The process of cultivating leaders is a slow process, however with proper training, this process gets a boost. Learn about the importance of leadership training and the role it plays in an organization’s succession planning.

How HR-Tech Is Enabling Organizations In India

Here is how technology is transforming the HR function’s effectiveness and efficiency for organizations in India.

Trends that are redefining the training landscape

With technology disrupting each sector, organizations are realigning their business and training objectives to ensure that their workforce is well equipped with skills, giving them a competitive edge over others. Business today is all about people and here are the top trends we expect to see in the near future.

Staying positive in difficult times

While different people respond differently to times of crisis, staying positive is a key factor in coping successfully with them. People with positive attitudes are more likely to stay hopeful and see the best even in difficult situations.

Rules on writing better e-mails

Depending on their role and type of organization, a professional may spend up to 20% of their workday reading and answering emails. Here are the simple rules to make sure that your emails are noticed and acted upon.

Features you should look for in a Corporate LMS

Selecting the best Learning Management System (LMS) for your company can be a challenging task. Here are some features that you should look for in every LMS before making the final LMS choice.

Transforming Workforce in the Digital Era of Banking

BFSI has been one of the markets that have been greatly hit by the digital wave. The growing digitization will boost employment by creating a lot more opportunities.

Customer Experience is more important than Sales Experience

It takes just one click for a great brand to get its image tarnished in this age of always-on, always-connected consumers. Take the case of the leading airline whose pilot allegedly insulted a senior citizen for requesting wheelchair assistance.

LXP vs LMS: Differences and Choosing What’s Right for You

Discover key differences between LXP and LMS, and how to choose the best for your learning goals in this concise guide. Perfect for educators and professionals.

5 in-demand skills you must have in 2020

Employers have shifted their focus from educational backgrounds to one’s zeal to learn new skills. To be successful in the future, professionals need to demonstrate foresight in navigating a rapidly shifting landscape of organisational forms and skill requirements, needing employees to be constant learners.

What kind of ROI can you expect through LMS?

A Learning Management System is an investment in employees for an organization having long-term and short-term effects. The LMS solution has a suite of benefits that gain a return of investment (ROI) from this.

Best Corporate Training Companies & Corporate Trainers in 2024

Corporate training is a function of human resource management that aims to provide the organization’s employees with the knowledge and skills required to be successful. In turn, the growth of employees also contributes to the success of the business.

A overview of LMS

An enables businesses and educational institutions to design and manage lessons, programs, tests, and other learning resources. Organizations may efficiently and effectively deliver training content to employees with a learning management system.

The Bright Side of Learning Management System

An enables businesses and educational institutions to design and manage lessons, programs, tests, and other learning resources. Organizations may efficiently and effectively deliver training content to employees with a learning management system.

Why Is LMS Critical for Your Organization’s Success?

An enables businesses and educational institutions to design and manage lessons, programs, tests, and other learning resources. Organizations may efficiently and effectively deliver training content to employees with a learning management system.

Why is Corporate Training important in the Post-COVID era?

The roller coaster of COVID gave us new ideas and opportunities, like remote working. ‘Work-from-home’ and ‘online classes’ were the buzzwords and are still prevailing across the globe. The period of two years was not easy and had numerous roadblocks, but life could not be left at a halt. Thus, leaders came up with alternate ideas for keeping up with regular life. Here are some of the changes that emphasize the need for Corporate training, post-pandemic.

How Corporate Training will help achieve your Business Goals in 2023?

Leadership can improve business operations and enhance workforce capabilities with specific strategic goals. A successful corporate training program benefits both management and employees by providing an opportunity for leadership to develop new skills and learning new knowledge, which helps employees advance in their careers.

How Does Corporate Training Help Maximize Your Employee’s Productivity?

The purpose of corporate training is to help employees maximize their productivity, and that's why it's such a valuable investment for your company. Corporate training helps to ensure that all of your employees are operating at their full capacity and have the skills they need to perform well in their roles. By providing adequate training, you're setting them up for success and giving them the tools they need to do their jobs successfully.

Types of Corporate Training: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the diverse types of corporate training programs with Centum Learning. From leadership to technical training, understand how each contributes to organizational growth and success.

Steps to Take to Improve Soft Skills in the Workplace?

Organizations benefit from corporate training because it enhances employee productivity. However, training is also beneficial for personal growth of an employee. Bridging the skill gaps in the market is an essential benefit of corporate training. Corporate training is a win-win situation for the employees, as they get enormous skill enhancement without any charges.

How Soft Skills Training Benefits Your Business in 2024?

Organizations benefit from corporate training because it enhances employee productivity. However, training is also beneficial for personal growth of an employee. Bridging the skill gaps in the market is an essential benefit of corporate training. Corporate training is a win-win situation for the employees, as they get enormous skill enhancement without any charges.

Significance of Soft Skills Training

Organizations benefit from corporate training because it enhances employee productivity. However, training is also beneficial for personal growth of an employee. Bridging the skill gaps in the market is an essential benefit of corporate training. Corporate training is a win-win situation for the employees, as they get enormous skill enhancement without any charges.

Evaluating the Impact of Soft Skills Development on Your Organization

When hiring people for a job, it is important to remember that the tasks that need to be completed cannot be done without more than just technical or hard skills. Hiring engineers proficient in several different programming languages and hiring accountants with a keen understanding of finances are both beneficial, but so are people who possess nonverbal skills. These include analytical thought, effective communication, and emotional intelligence.

Why There is a Need for Custom E-learning Content Development for Organizations?

Explore how custom eLearning content development meets organizational needs, offering tailored, engaging training solutions for diverse learner profiles, and driving effective skill enhancement and employee collaboration.

Strategies Used By E-learning Content Development Companies to Upskill the Workforce

With the advent of online learning, education has evolved faster than ever before and content has become more accessible than ever before. Both instructors and learners enjoy the benefits of online learning, including flexibility, low costs, and unparalleled reach. Students' performance with a course can be monitored by instructors. You are freed from the constraints of traditional education with online learning.

How Can E-content Affect Employees’ Professional Performance?

With the advent of online learning, education has evolved faster than ever before and content has become more accessible than ever before. Both instructors and learners enjoy the benefits of online learning, including flexibility, low costs, and unparalleled reach. Students' performance with a course can be monitored by instructors. You are freed from the constraints of traditional education with online learning.

Elements of an Ideal Training Content Development

How e-Content Development Companies Are Proving Beneficial For Multiple Businesses?

How CSR programs are helping in empowering women?

CSR programs are helping in empowering women by providing them with opportunities to earn a living, gain experience, and work their way up the corporate ladder.

How Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships are Beneficial as a Business Model?

Corporate social responsibility partnerships are beneficial in a business model because they allow companies to maintain their integrity and build trust with customers, while also providing them with new opportunities for growth.

Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships in 2023

Corporate social responsibility partnerships are beneficial in a business model because they allow companies to maintain their integrity and build trust with customers, while also providing them with new opportunities for growth.

Various Types of Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate social responsibility is a term that refers to the moral and ethical responsibilities of corporations and business leaders to the public, their employees and shareholders, as well as to the environment. CSR encompasses a range of activities that businesses may undertake in the pursuit of social good. This includes investments in community and environmental projects, green initiatives and more.

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