Source-Hire-Train model follows a well-organised process that takes into account the client’s requirements with an aim to bridge the gaps between the existing and the desired skill sets of potential employees. The process is undertaken before the candidate joins the organisation.

The first step in the process is sourcing the candidates. It includes procedures like screening and short-listing. Next up is the hiring task. The screened candidates are evaluated using suitable selection procedures that may include Interviews etc. The ones who clear the selection procedures are hired. Post that, they undergo training.

Before their training, an exhaustive training curriculum is designed. This customised curriculum caters to the outcome as desired by the client. The objective of the training is to make the employees productive right on the first day. The methods of training can vary from case to case on the basis of requirement and the desired outcome. In some cases, an individual method works, while for other ones, a combination of different methods can be utilised. The candidates are further assessed on several parameters after the completion of their training curriculum. Finally, they become ready to join the workforce.


While there are plenty of other models and processes, why should one use a Source Hire Train Model is indeed a pertinent question. The simplified answer to this question lies in the multi-dimensional range of benefits that Source Hire Train offers to both the clients and the candidates. These are discussed in details as follows-


    Focus on core competency is the most important function for any business or non-business organisation. At the same time, training as a function continues to multiply its importance to an extent that it has become a necessity. Under such a situation, every organisation seeks training solutions for their employees. Since training isn’t a part of their core competencies, it becomes an external area of interest that may require urgent attention to be devoted by the organisation. Outsourcing appears as the viable solution.

    Models like Source Hire Train are specialised in this regard. SHT includes a complete outsourcing of various aspects of staffing right from sourcing to recruitment, training to induction. As a result, it saves quite a lot of time and cost for the client organisation. The organisation can focus on its core competencies, SHT provides job ready employees right on the word go.


    SHT as a training model follows an exhaustive process. It includes a wide range of activities that may or may not be available in other forms of training. All these activities that are a part of the SHT model are well customised with respect to the client’s requirements and objectives. These include sourcing from appropriate channels with respect to the required pool of candidates. Hiring using multiple techniques and Training through a personalised curriculum that pays a special attention to product and process training.

    This extensive process is beneficial and works amazingly well for the entry level employees who are transformed into job-ready human resources even before their onboarding. In short, the SHT model is indeed a one stop solution that encompasses a wide range of activities involved in the staffing process.


    In this modern age, the business environment faces regular challenges in terms of frequent changes. Under such a scenario, it’s imperative for the employees to be responsive to these fluctuations so as to deal with them. Under Source Hire Train, the employees are trained before they join the organisation. This feature of SHT helps the employees in adapting to these swift changes. They are better prepared to deal under diverse business circumstances provided they’re trained beforehand.

    A recent change in the organisational environment has been mandated due to the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic. Under such extremities, it’s a challenge for both the organisation and the yet to join employees to cope up with these changes. For the organisation, the need to outsource its training function accentuates, while for the prospective employees, lack of training becomes an obstacle to their successful onboarding. An SHT model where your potential employees are trained before they join, becomes the need of the hour.


    A high turnover rate is costly for any organisation. Frequent departing employees need to be replaced and this happens to be a very time-consuming process. With Source Hire Train, appropriate set of employees are sourced with respect to the demands of the role. They are scrutinised using techniques that measure their employability with respect to the job. The best ones are hired and trained using tools that attempts to enhance their inclination towards the job. Those who join understand the work beforehand and are in a better position to stay since they’re well trained to handle the work situation even before they join. This process boosts employee confidence. Though, they may encounter complications, but the learnings and the application of SHT model helps them work around these complications in a fruitful manner. As a result, the turnover rate tends to reduce.


    Every organisation desires their employees to be effective. Although in certain industries, it is expected that employees learn as they progress and it takes time for them to work at a high level of productivity. There are certain industries, on the other hand that don’t have the luxury of time. They demand instant employee effectiveness as soon as they join. Source Hire Train comes to their rescue as a suitable alternative!

    SHT prepares employees to contribute productively within a very short span of time. The ultimate objective under Source Hire Train is to build effective employees from the day one. The SHT process is prepared while keeping in mind these objectives. As previously mentioned, the model is well customised according to the client requirements and objectives. It’s important to emphasize on certain focus points rather than a generalised focus. These focus points help in achieving a high degree of employee effectiveness. At the same time, this specific focus enhances the technical knowledge of employees and makes them more suited to their work in an effective manner.


One such instance where Source Hire Train model proved effective was in the case of a quick service restaurant chain. A quick service restaurant business requires minimal preparation time and is expected to deliver its orders through quick services. There’s little scope of on-the-job training as the employees are expected to work in a swift manner catering to the continuous demands of orders. A model like Source Hire Train works well under such a situation.

The prospective employees were mobilised and sourced. Customised training content was developed in accordance with the client’s requirements. A two-week intensive training program provided the insights of the quick service restaurant business. Further, various focus points were chosen and were discussed in details. These included food handling, customer service and communication skills etc. The training was quick and included practical elements that helped the trainees gain a real-life understanding about the functioning of the quick service restaurant chain.

The candidates transformed into job ready individuals and were subsequently placed with the restaurant chain.

This is how Source Hire Train model works in industries that desire job-ready employees on their first day without a compromise on their productivity and efficiency levels.


Living in this world that’s marked by a constant wave of transformation, it therefore, becomes crucial for organisations to be vigilant so as to accommodate changes in the ways of functioning that are existent yet seem to be somewhat outdated by the force of these transformations. The constant urge to move ahead with time is important in shaping the necessary changes into actuality so as to reap the benefits of modern instruments and models that take into account the required degrees of deviations in order to bridge the gap between current and desired skill sets.

These desired skill sets when developed through the Source Hire Train model becomes an asset that goes a long way irrespective of any impediments. Source Hire Train isn’t just a model, it’s a learning experience that remains with the employees for a long period of time. It acquaints them with competence that makes them capable of sailing through difficult business situations in the future to come.

A new age model like Source Hire Train is laced up with developments of the modern world. It takes into account multiple dimensions of the present business environment and offers to intake the required customisation with respect to the organisation. The end result is visible in the form of ready-to-join employees, not only by words, but also through their actions.

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