Technical challenges doesn’t really entail just getting technology to work on networks, but instead it involves using and supporting appropriate technologies to ensure the success of the program.

From the organization perspective, blended learning is considered the apt way for learning initiatives, however there is lack of understanding that it is a complex process which requires transformation in various processes like the role of the facilitator, learners progress journey etc. Also while the learning technologies are blended into the course, much of the focus is on the technology implementation whereas, often the content creators are left with too little time and funds to make a successful program.

To counter these challenges, a holistic approach needs to be followed to understand the complexity of blended approach. This includes:

  • Researching on different ICTs for their suitability and integration with face-to-face environments
  • Identify the characteristics of optimal blends for learning
  • Determining varied pedagogies supporting blended approach
  • Ensuring adequate support to the instructors following this mode of learning