Read on to know and integrate these 7 steps into your Zoom trainings.

  1. Set the tone for your session

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    Setting the right tone for your corporate training session right from the start is essential. This will help ensure your participants are engaged and focused throughout the duration of your training.

    When you, as a corporate trainer, first join a zoom call, take a few moments to introduce yourself and explain what the session will entail. Make sure your energy levels are high, and you’re conveying enthusiasm. This will help your participants feel more comfortable and focused from the outset.

  2. Encourage participants to use the chat function

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    For corporate trainers, it’s crucial to encourage participants to use the chat function during Zoom training. Make it clear that questions and comments are welcome anytime during the training. Use the chat function yourself to ask and answer questions.

    You can also encourage participants to use the chat function by offering prizes or incentives for those who do. This will allow them to ask questions and engage with the content. Additionally, using the chat function will help to keep everyone on the same page and promote active learning.

  3. Use video and audio to your advantage

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    As a corporate trainer, when you’re running a Zoom training session, leveraging both video and audio is key. If you have slides or other visuals that you want to share with your participants, use the video function to do so. This way, people can see them clearly and follow them more easily.

    At the same time, don’t forget to use audio consistently to keep people engaged. Make sure your voice is clear and loud enough to be heard, and try to eliminate all background noises if possible.

  4. Be prepared with extra materials

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    When leading a corporate training session over Zoom, always be prepared with extra materials. Be sure to have a backup plan for your presentation, as well as additional information and resources on hand in case you need to reference them during the training.

    By being prepared, you can ensure your training goes smoothly and that your participants can get the most out of it.

  5. Use breakout rooms effectively

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    Corporate trainers using Zoom can harness the power of its breakout room feature to enhance participant engagement. Breakout rooms allow you to divide your participants into smaller groups for more focused discussion or activities.

    For effective communication, clearly state the purpose of the breakout room activity at the start of the session. Give each group a specific task or question to discuss. This will help focus the conversation and keep things on track.

    Additionally, set a time limit for each breakout.

  6. Take advantage of online tools

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    There are several online tools that corporate trainers can utilize to maximize engagement during Zoom training sessions. One such tool is polls and surveys. These can be used to gauge opinions and feedback on the training and can help to ensure that participants remain engaged and are paying attention.

    It is also worth taking advantage of the various sharing options that Zoom offers. This includes the ability to share your screen, which can be used to share presentations or other materials. You can also share files and documents, which can be useful for group work or collaborative activities.

  7. Keep it short and sweet

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    For corporate trainers, it’s essential to remember that when it comes to Zoom training, brevity can lead to better engagement. Not only will this help to keep your attendees engaged, but it will also make it more likely that they’ll actually show up for future sessions.

    It is recommended to keep things under an hour. This way, you won’t lose your participants’ attention and can still cover all necessary material. If you need to cover more ground, consider breaking up your training into multiple shorter sessions.


These are a few online training tips for corporate trainers to ensure maximum engagement during Zoom sessions. Last but not least, don’t forget to make your Zoom training fun. Incorporate games or other activities to get everyone involved and excited about learning.