Training Need Analysis- In this stage we study the requirement of learners in detail by defining the problem, the constraints & possible outcome by defining eLearning/VILT specific content guidelines based on your philosophy.



The goal of this stage is to create the structure of the course. Documentation of project instructional, HLD strategy, creating story boards & prototype creation of the learning module



The development phase is the where the Learning module starts taking shape. Hence it is important to ensure thorough testing of the modules with a strict quality assurance standards



This is the stage of final delivery of the content. In this the implementation of the courses happens on the learning platform. Usually, any eLearning courses are published and delivered in the popular format like  SCORM , Tin Can Api etc.



Learning is never complete without taking the proper feedback from the learners like pilot delivery of the content and collation of feedback from the participants, & thus the final fine tuning of the content.


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