Disengaged employees are undoubtedly a damage to the company as they are unhappy at work. There may be a particular reason for losing determination at work which must be assessed by the Managers of Reporting Heads in the organization. HR (Human Resource) plays a vital role in employees’ engagement in the workplace. HR professionals should coordinate with the leaders and employees on a regular basis to gauge the involvement of an employee at work. HR professionals should hire the right person who has the required skill set for a particular role.

Let’s go through few important tips that can help your organization to increase employee engagement:

  • Assign the right role

    Every employee has a different skillset and forte. The manager should make sure to assign the right role to the right person based on the expertise of an employee. Talent acquisition and retention strategies need to be aligned with meeting company goals.

  • Transparency

    When the management is transparent, the correlation is measured to be 94% with employees at the workplace. This builds trust in the employee that boosts their confidence to work with more enthusiasm and zeal.

  • Engagement from day one

    The day an employee joins an organization, he/she should be given an induction program and his/her duties should be assigned on the same day. This will make the employee realize his/her importance in for the organization and will encourage the employee to work with full dedication and honesty.

  • Training

    Benjamin Franklin stated, “For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.” To get the best out of any employee, we need to provide them with the best-in-industry training so that there is a scope of greater productivity and minimized error.

  • Discussion & Feedbacks

    Time to time discussions and feedback about employee’s work and any problem, if he/she is facing in the organization, is important to maintain employee engagement. If the employee’s problems are not addressed on time, it may lead to employee disengagement at work.