One of the most important modern forms of training is VILT or Virtual Instructor Led Training- a form of training that’s around for a while but stands highlighted in the Covid19 era!


VILT or Virtual Instructor-Led Training is a type of training that simulates classroom learning albeit in a virtual sense. Led by a qualified instructor, the learning is delivered in a synchronous manner to a learner over a digital medium without any compulsions of a physical presence. VILT uses technology and can be used to deliver a variety of training programs. It is interactive in nature and offers a host of other benefits to its users. The 6 most important benefits of Virtual Instructor Led Training to any business organisation are described in detail as follows-

Benefits of VILT

  1. Cost and Convenience

    The first and the most basic benefit of VILT is the Cost effectiveness. It’s indeed obvious that a lot of logistical costs and challenges are saved if the learning is delivered in an online format. There are a lot of costs involved in a traditional classroom set up such as travel costs, lodging costs and other related expenses. Another important ‘cost’ is the time involved in leading to a physical presence or the time spent away from the job. This valuable time is saved under VILT.

    There’s little need for establishing and running a training centre or a classroom under VILT since the learning takes place in an online format. The online format is highly convenient for the learners as well since all they need is a device to undergo training, anytime and anywhere. They are flexible and enjoy the benefit of learning without compromising on their workplace productivity. In addition, the apprehension caused by any sort of disruption, especially in a post Covid19 period stands reduced to a great extent. Virtual is indeed the saviour!

  2. Learning Measurement through Analytics

    Learning through VILT doesn’t merely consist of instructors performing their teaching duties and learners being responsible on their own to extract the most out of the program. VILT includes modern technological elements such as analytics that are capable of tracking the learner behaviour on the digital format.

    The analytics tracks and measures the nuances of the individual learning experience with the help of data. Such measurement is highly beneficial for the instructor to gauge the actual impact of the learning on a real-time basis. As a result, the instructor is more aware of a particular course of action that needs to be undertaken for an individual learner in the form of post learning support. The learning becomes more and more relevant under such a scenario, thanks to the inbuilt advanced analytics that are part and parcel of a sound VILT program.

  3. Customisation and Diversity

    The instructors under VILT are empowered to engage into healthy interaction with the learners and vice versa. This two-way interaction helps the learners get instant feedback without time wastage. As a result, they can understand their progression in a better sense and incorporate the necessary changes within their learning journey. Similarly for the instructor, there’s a good scope of customising the learning based on individual differences.

    The instructors under a VILT program come from a diverse range of backgrounds, unlike a traditional classroom program. Since physical availability isn’t an issue, the program can be delivered by multiple instructors who are subject matter experts from a diverse range of ethnicities, expertise, industries, nationalities etc. Such diversity helps the learners learn from a wide range of multicultural experiences. This can prove essential, particularly in a globalised 21st-century business context.

  4. Social and Peer Learning

    When the training is delivered under an online format, the first major concern around such virtual learning is lack of socialisation because of absence of physical proximity. However, under VILT, there are mechanisms that provide the users an option to socialise in the digital format. The learners are free to have discussions on educational topics with the instructors as well as their peers.

    Many VILT training programs offer a built-in peer-to-peer learning feature where the learners can share their opinions and learn about the same from their peers. This feature is often termed as an example of social learning where individuals learn from one another. This not only improves the learning, but also improves the learning experience through a higher rate of learner engagement.

  5. Competency Development and Content

    The traditional form of classroom learning is limited in its approach. VILT, on the other hand, is not! You can only focus on a few core areas under a traditional format. Under VILT, the programs are multi-dimensional in nature. There is a wide variety of skills that need to be developed for a particular employee on the basis of industry, job role and experience etc. It isn’t feasible to organise multiple classroom sessions for multiple competency development.

    VILT helps you to deliver multiple courses for competency development, under a single platform. The content under VILT is specially designed to enhance information retention with respect to the attention spans of the learners. Brevity is emphasized in the form of microlearning modules that are incremental in nature. This facilitates a smooth and easy learning process that continues beyond the virtual sessions for revisions and information retention, very often translating into application in the actual workplace environment.

  6. Future-Orientation

    Living in the world where scientific development is accelerating at a rapid pace, it’s imperative for any organisation to stay ahead of time with the adoption of technology in their business operations. The future of business is governed by technology. Digitisation is penetrating the world of business. The old and traditional ways of business and L&D alike are soon going to be obsolete.

    VILT involves learning in a digital format, it not only serves as an effective alternative for the future but also presents a much more viable and productive form of training delivery that eventually contributes in upskilling the learners, consequently resulting in impactful business outcomes at the actual workplace. This further keeps in check the mounting employee turnover- a major cause of concern for many business organisations.


The world of business is continuously evolving and organisations need to adapt to the changing business dynamics with the help of technology and VILT in the space of L&D is the perfect technological solution for upskilling in the post Covid19 21st century.

The benefits offered by VILT are immense, especially when compared to the traditional forms of training that incur more costs with a lower return on investment. VILT is a solution that displays a balanced approach since it includes elements of both- modern and the traditional forms of training. Of course, the methods need to change with time, however, there are certain qualities in the traditional formats too, that need to be accommodated within the change and VILT does that with perfection. It involves a blend of digital with the guidance of an instructor, an element of the traditional classroom set up. Nevertheless, virtual technology continues to be the unique selling proposition for VILT. According to surveys, around 89% L&D professionals believe that virtual learning is the most impactful form of learning. Under such a scenario, VILT is certainly a force to reckon with.

The Covid19 pandemic has taught us to be vigilant in our approach. Preparing well in advance for the future is now a norm. VILT backed by digital technologies is a preparation against the uncertain future. It is indeed a very secure solution under turbulent time frames such as the Covid19 pandemic. A great solution for regular days too. It is the future. As a result, organisations must look forward to investing in VILT programs for holistic and long-term development of their employees who’ll in turn account for better and impactful business results especially in this VUCA world!