Use the right tools

  • Chat: Great way to reach your team members during work hours. The best chat tools have collaborative features like screen share and video chat. Very useful for quick decisions and assigning tasks.
  • Document sharing: Sharing large attachments over email isn’t always efficient, especially if team members have to update them in parallel. If your organization uses a document-sharing platform, use it to control versions of the same document and make edits.
  • Project management: Having a central resource where all team members can see the project plan, task owners, and status is crucial for success.


Be open to sharing

Just having the right tools is not enough. To achieve good teamwork, you also need to be open and willing to share work and follow the practices agreed upon in the team.


Remember the three essential rules

  • Be civil and kind to each other
  • Make sure you leave every meeting or call with clear action items
  • Build a rhythm for regular meetings, ideally at the same time every day or week