Enables the tracking journey completion status on the platform’s dashboard and provides automatic updates to the integrated HRBPs



Flexible & User friendly

Zero Touch Onboarding lets new hires go with their own flow, giving them time to absorb information in a flexible manner



Stress-Free Experience

Facility to divide training into multiple short spells spread over a period of time aims to enhance information retention and reduce stress



Effective Engagement

Aligns new hires with the company culture, vision-mission and the job role through video conferencing, webinars and interactive tools to foster relationships



Periodic Feedback

Regular feedback through online questionnaires or surveys to gauge the onboarding experience of the new hires



Communication Channels

Build communication channels that are well-defined and effective through tools such as mail, chat or a video call etc to facilitate consultations, discussions or grievance redressals




Offering visualised trainings that are specific to the role so as to minimize the degree of non-relevance