Here are a few simple things you can do to raise positive emotions:

Start strong every morning by doing something you love doing. When your morning is more productive and less rushed, you are likely to feel good all day. Strengthen your connections. Take this time to have meaningful conversations with those at home, as well as reach out virtually to those you haven’t spoken to in a while.
Avoid spreading gossip. Resist the urge to forward every text message you receive. Don’t believe every piece of news you receive until it’s verified. Enjoy the small moments, from the early morning cup of tea to the board game win. Anything that makes you feel good helps you stay calm.
Remind yourself that there’s so much to be grateful for. Take a few minutes every day to notice at least three aspects of your day for which you feel thankful. Take the time to start learning something new, such as writing better emails or storytelling.
Have something to look forward to after work each day, even if it’s watching the next episode of a series, or helping cook dinner. This helps craft days that are more than just work. Focus on the long-term and look for the good in others. We are united in hope!