The Need Diagnostic Study includes two components- Deep Dive and Diagnostic.

Deep Dive is the first step under the NDS. It involves a thorough analysis with an aim to map the current state of affairs across different domains, departments, geographies and channels.

This analysis involves the consultation of relevant and experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who carry out their task with an objective of presenting an accurate depiction of the existing situation of the client organisation. Besides, stakeholder feedback is taken into account for the same purpose along with discussions with the target audience and line managers. Reports are analysed and at times ‘Mystery Shopping’ is also employed to collect important information.

Diagnostic is the second step that proceeds the Deep Dive stage. As the word suggests, Diagnostic is equivalent to identification of gaps using the observations derived from the previous Deep Dive step.

The gaps are identified with respect to the training requirements. The actual and the perceived positions are compared and the potential areas that require attention in the form of training are outlined on the basis of this comparison. Consequently, a ‘Health card’ or a ‘Fitness Certificate’ is generated consisting of three levels- Platinum, Gold and Silver that demand distinct courses of action.

The combination of these two steps- the Deep Dive and the Diagnosis makes up the Need Diagnostic Study. Before the commencement of any training program, it is important to underscore the need for it through the consequent gap diagnosis. The NDS serves as the basis of the training program.