A Platform for Change and Collaboration

The 10th India CSR Summit and ESG Forum 2023, held in New Delhi, served as a pivotal stage for Centum Foundation to showcase its commitment to sustainable social development. As one of the esteemed exhibitors, the Foundation brought its vision of narrowing the rural-urban divide into the spotlight, underlining its role in promoting economic inclusion for marginalized communities.

Beyond Traditional CSR: A Vision for Inclusivity and Empowerment

Centum Foundation, with its diverse range of initiatives, stands out as more than just a participant in the CSR landscape. Their efforts span from empowering women and upskilling youth to advocating for environmental sustainability and crafting transformative social programs. This broad spectrum of involvement highlights their dedication to creating a brighter and more equitable future for all.

CSRBox Mahima Aaushi

CSRBox Mahima

Forging Lasting Change

The India CSR Summit, curated and hosted by CSRBOX and NGOBOX, was the ideal platform for Centum Foundation to engage with like-minded organizations and individuals. With a history of successful past editions, the summit provided an opportunity for Centum to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on CSR and sustainability. The Foundation’s participation underlined their willingness to move beyond competition to collaboration, aligning with the event’s ethos of cooperation and convergence.

A Confluence of Ideas and Innovation

The summit, known for its engaging panel discussions, innovative exhibitions, and valuable networking opportunities, allowed Centum Foundation to connect with other CSR professionals, business leaders, and social entrepreneurs. Their presence at the summit, particularly at Stall Number 32, was not just about showcasing their work but also about engaging in meaningful dialogues and establishing fruitful collaborations.

CSRBox Aaushi

Looking Ahead: A Commitment to Transformative Change

As the event concluded, Centum Foundation emerged as a key player in driving transformative change. Their participation in the summit is a testament to their ongoing commitment to making a meaningful difference in society. The Foundation looks forward to continuing its journey in fostering sustainable development and leaving an indelible mark on the social fabric of India.