According to LinkedIn’s latest ‘Future of Skills 2019’ report, 68% of employees prefer to learn at work, 58% of employees prefer learning at their own pace and 49% of employees prefer to learn at the point of need. An engaging onboarding program and Manager involvement are two essential components for training the employees.

Here are 5 ways an employer can adopt to smoothly onboard new employees and ensure that they learn their job responsibilities in an engaging manner.

  1. Develop an up-to-date Orientation Program in a blended mode:

    The organizations should delegate and update all the responsibilities according to the needs and hierarchy. They should clearly identify their KRAs, and vision and mission of the company. Thus, Centum offer trademarked methodology, Technology enabled Blended Learning – TeBL® that blends technology enabled delivery with traditional instructor led trainings to being out best of both formats.

  2. Involve your current workforce:

    Ability to demonstrate logical reasoning to present and solve multiple facets of a problem and choose a viable approach that would deliver the best results is as vital as ever. Originality and creativity are crucial abilities – they cultivate critical thinking skills which provide an edge in the future.

  3. Use of interactive learning platforms to improve team performance:

    Machines cannot replace humans in leadership and managerial roles. The ability to manage, motivate, utilize and be sensitive to others’ needs will help professionals prove to be effective and successful leaders. Learning eXperience Platforms, is employee-driven, allows to define the learning curve, and to check the progress. One of them is Centum LearnPro®, which successfully on-boards new employees and inducts them to organizational culture and practices.

  4. Gamification:

    An empathetic and self-aware individual who can understand their and others’ emotions are more likely to be hired as managers. Socially intelligent employees easily assess the emotions of those around them and adapt accordingly. Through Centum LearnPro®, organisations can operate the algorithm to make the new hire induction training more interesting and engaging.

  5. Follow up:

    Employers lookout for employees who can make intelligent choices from bucketloads of information, are innovative in their data interpretation approach and quickly learn new tools/ skills to improve their work efficiency.

Making sure a new hire fully understands their roles and responsibilities and making the effort to understand their learning methods will lead to the formation of an effective onboard strategy, and the smooth transitioning of a new hire into a long-term employee.