Should Sales Training Differ For Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are sold by highly trained sales staff who have a deep understanding of what makes their product so special. When you buy luxury, you're not just buying something—you're buying into an experience that promises to deliver an elevated sense of yourself. Due to this, its training program should be different.

Behavioural Training For Gig Workers

In the current scenario, many people are moving from full-time positions to freelancing or gig work. To ensure optimal performance, behavioural training is necessary for these gig workers. This article discusses the challenges they face and the importance of training.

Behavioural training needs for remotely working employees

With the shift to a 'Work from home' scenario, organizations are looking to upskill the workforce. Read on to know the behavioural training needs for remote employees.

Why is soft skills training important for corporate employees in 2023

Hard skills are easily measurable, but it is often the soft skills that help make the difference. Read on to understand the importance of corporate soft skills training in 2021.

Behavioural training for corporate employees in India: An Overview

Behavioural training can help your company grow by giving employees effective training to do what they do best. Read this article to know how.

A comprehensive guide to Learning Management System (LMS/LXP)

Learning management systems (LMS/LXP) have gained importance as an effective tool in the corporate training world with the change in learning pattern and emergence of digital medium for training.

Soft Skills Training for First Time Supervisors

Learn why soft skills training is critical for first-time supervisors, and how it can improve team management, communication, and overall organizational success. Discover key training programs and how they can benefit first-time supervisors in fostering a positive and supportive work culture.

Increasing sales with emotional intelligence

While hard skills and conceptual skills are key to the success of sales professionals, ‘EQ is the differentiator’ in the new buying environment, written by Tripti Singh and Geetika Malik Chandra, chief learning officer, and lead, content (research & analysis), Centum Learning Limited.

Implementing Blended Learning in a Company: Challenges and Solutions

Blended learning is an effective and low-risk strategy for addressing the challenges posed by the transformational changes owing to rapid technological advancements. However, implementing blended learning brings with it a certain set of challenges. written by Tripti Singh and Geetika Malik Chandra, chief learning officer, and lead, content (research & analysis), Centum Learning Limited.

Does your organization really need a Sales and Service Academy?

For long term sustainable growth, it is essential to move away from ad-hoc sales and service development interventions towards the Sales and Service Academy model. by Suvendu Dhar Head, Corporate Business Solutions

How healthy is your Sales Team?

Similar to a health checkup for an individual, a regular ‘check-up’ or assessment of a sales team will proactively help locate sources of inefficiencies. These inefficiencies, if ignored can result in a serious drop in performance. Are you checking the health of your sales team?

by Suvendu Dhar
Head, Corporate Business Solutions

eLearning Content v/s ILT Content : A comparison

The adoption of eLearning is growing by leaps and bounds, though traditional ILT content is still considered more effective by most people. Here are 6 points of difference between eLearning and ILT content.