How healthy is your Sales Team?

Similar to a health checkup for an individual, a regular ‘check-up’ or assessment of a sales team will proactively help locate sources of inefficiencies. These inefficiencies, if ignored can result in a serious drop in performance. Are you checking the health of your sales team?

by Suvendu Dhar
Head, Corporate Business Solutions

eLearning Content v/s ILT Content : A comparison

The adoption of eLearning is growing by leaps and bounds, though traditional ILT content is still considered more effective by most people. Here are 6 points of difference between eLearning and ILT content.

10 Quality Commandments for Service Delivery Excellence

The Mantra for & Beyond 2021 – read all the 10 Quality Commandments under QUEST, a troika of QUality Consciousness, Envisaging Efforts and STakeholders synergy to achieve Service Delivery Excellence among the continuously evolving modern world customers.

How to stop the ‘Great Resignation’ at the frontline level

How does employee attrition impacts a retail organization and how you can mitigate the impact.

by Suvendu Dhar
Head, Corporate Business Solutions

How to empower your sales team to sell virtually

Virtual selling is here for the long haul, here’s how you can empower your sales team to sell remotely!

Why Training Mid-Level Leaders is Crucial for Organizations?

Organizations comprise of 3 distinct levels- the 1st level, the top-level & the level that’s more important than ever- the middle level, often termed as the driver of an organisation. Learn about the rising worth of mid-level leaders & the role of mid-level training- a tool of strategic importance!

Should Your Business Care About CSR? Here is the Honest Answer

Skilling for CSR, is the infusion of skills in underskilled or impoverished people with an aim to transform their lives through the utilization of these learnt skills. Here is why it is best for companies to invest in skill developments as a CSR intervention.

Why organizations should invest in Skill development as a CSR activity

India is in a favourable position with youngsters as a significant part of its workforce. However, it falls short in converting the youth into a human resource. The HDR-2020 mentions only 1 in 5 Indians in the labour force are skilled. The role of corporates becomes important for CSR in Skill Development.

Develop Future Leaders with First-Time Leadership Training Program

Transitioning & adapting from an individual role to a managerial position, effectively engaging in cross-level communication, managing conflicts while building relationships - A first-time manager needs to do them all. Learn about the role played by first-time leadership training in the journey of these first-time managers.

Challenges faced by Mid-Level Leaders

The mid-level or the backbone of an organization binds the other two levels. The crucial role of mid-level managers isn’t painless at all. They face a host of challenges in their day-to-day operations. Here’s the list and description of the major challenges faced by them and how to tackle them all!

A comprehensive guide on Experiential Learning and its tools

The human brain is adept at retaining information that’s learnt through first-hand experience. This first-hand experience is an important constituent of experiential learning- an advanced form of learning that has proven to be a game-changer. Here’s a comprehensive guide on experiential learning and its different tools.

E-Assessment over Traditional Assessment – A Contemporary Outlook

It’s time to upgrade your assessment game with the advancements in technology. Shift from the traditional world towards modernity in the form of E-Assessment solutions. But why? Learn about the exciting benefits offered by E-Assessment that makes it stand out in this enriching article!