To measure the performance of sales & after-sales teams on different categories such as knowledge, selling/ customer service skills & behaviour, covering multiple parameters to assess the achievement of their existing learning outcome and their alignment with the organization’s learning & output objectives.

Desired Solution

To enhance the availability and readiness of the existing pan India frontline dealership workforce before the new product launch.

Centum 5D Approach

To address & overcome the challenges, Centum Learning deployed its proprietary 5D approach:



  • Analysis of an area of concern to check & validate the authenticity of the participant giving fair assessment without any unfair means like cheating or another participant helping in assessment.
  • A shift in assessment from physical to online as mandated by the COVID-19 situation


The findings identified are broadly categorized as under:

  • Selling skills
  • Product knowledge
  • Customer service
  • Behaviour
  • Participant authenticity
  • Gaps in learning
  • Alignment with the organization


  • Implementation of an AI based proctored assessment tool
  • Distinct content created with respect to Sales Consultants, Service Advisors (SAs), Bodyshop SAs


  • 420 sales dealerships across India were covered. 245 after sales workshops were organised
  • A total of 2700 sales consultants and a total of 717 SAs underwent the assessment program
  • The program was baselined on knowledge, skills and performance
  • Used e-assessment tools, virtual one-on-one assessment via assessor, MS teams and OJT tools for delivering content based on knowledge and skills respectively
  • Role wise KPIs were designed as identified by RIPL for performance measurement
  • Followed a weighted approach
  • Covered topics such as industry, BAT, brand, product knowledge, competition knowledge, sales process along with behavioural and personality attributes for sales consultants
  • Covered topics such as customer probing and handling, service process, soft skills, BAT, maintenance schedule, vehicle delivery process and washing quality for SAs
  • Covered topics such as customer handling, RO (insurance claim) process, vehicle delivery process, soft skills, BAT and vehicle aging for Bodyshop SAs
  • Used metrics such as knowledge index, skill-development index, performance index-ROR, quality score, conversion percentage and NPS
  • Used facial recognition feature for validating the master image of the participant
  • Used clicks on multiple images during the assessment while giving an alert to participants in case of toggling screen or image not matching with participant
  • Analyzed knowledge index and performance in field indicators


  • The system was able to point out dubious participation
  • The participants were assigned “Platinum”, “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze” grids on the basis of their assessment score. These grids included respective action plans to enrich further performance
  • SA older than one year of tenure and rehires scored higher than national average scores
  • 30% of the SA population under 1-year tenure scored lower than the national average. Therefore, they require training focus
  • 34% SA were rehire cases who were pre-trained in their previous tenure. They have scored better than the national average