The Task

Our client wanted a one-stop solution for the learning and development needs of their employees that not only possessed the capability of being a technologically advanced platform but also could deliver highly effective results in sync with their training objectives.

The Solution

Centum Learning, with its experience across multiple domains, developed an application that served exactly as a one-stop solution for all the learning and development needs of our client’s employees.

The application addressed a variety of business needs and issues through its multidimensional approach. It could be used to perform a variety of organisational functions such as Virtual Instructor led Training, Self-paced learning, New Hire Induction, Assessments etc. all in a flexible manner- anytime and anywhere using a mobile phone or a PC.

The employees of our client took courses in various forms of learning material such as videos, audios, surveys, quizzes and flash card for micro-learning. The multilingual capability of the application allowed them to learn in their native languages. They also enjoyed the presence of a peer learning platform called ‘Buzz’ over which they indulged into discussions, and learnt through the opinions of their peers.

The application instilled an element of healthy competition in the form of rewards and recognition for the top-performers through a leader board. Assessments were conducted on a regular basis through gamifications, that were also used for the learning purpose.

The Result

New hire induction became extremely simplified. With the help of the application, our client could deploy a new user to floor within three days of joining the organization as all the training courses were automatically assigned to the users on the platform.

Prior to the intervention, our client had no mechanism to maintain the learner-record. With the application all the user information along with learning history could be easily recorded and made available on the application.

Our client could now upload multilingual documents as a part of the same training course instead of creating multiple training courses.