The Task

Our client wanted a multi-dimensional solution that could be used for several learning and development interventions such as new hire induction, sales huddles etc for its various on-role and off-role employees.

The Solution

Centum developed the iLearn application that served as a single point destination for all the learning and development needs of our client’s employees. The iLearn application can be run on mobile phones. With an aim to enhance the learning experience for the employees, the application hosts a number of interactive programs, assessments and discussion groups etc. for the HR Team. It contains learning content in multiple formats such as videos, audios, flashcards, quiz, surveys etc.

Prior to the intervention, the new hire induction was conducted on the basis of the circle. Multiple circles were created on the basis of language and learning content was delivered according to the language of the region. The new hires went into induction training as per the language of their circle. As a result, multiple platforms were required for multiple languages. With Centum’s intervention, the new hires found a single point platform that consisted of courses in multiple languages, all in itself.

The new hire induction journey is automatically assigned on the platform. The platform’s learning capability contains resources from various sources such as LinkedIn, Coursera etc, in addition to our client’s own resources, everything in a single platform along with analytics. The platform can also be used to organise and conduct various workshops for the employees. The application eliminates the need of multiple platforms and enhances the convenience both for the users and the admin.

The application can be used for sales huddle as well. In retail, the daily sales huddle can be conducted in a centralised manner on the application, reducing the spent time in a significant manner. For, DTH, the off-role employees can access highly relevant content with the help of the application in multiple formats such as videos, audios, flashcards to enhance their product and process knowledge.

The Result

Provided learners with a single point of access to all learning resources, from multiple sources and in multiple formats, enhanced the experience of all trainees

Increased user convenience through the availability of multiple languages.

Significant reduction in huddle time from 3-5 hours or around half of the day for the information to travel from the regional manager to the last person on the chain, to a more flexible form of huddle where information can be sent as and when it is available.