Roughly 9.2 million students graduate every year from colleges. While 70% of these graduates look for formal employment, only 15-20% are able to secure one. Placement statistics across tier two and three colleges suggest that the employment gap is more acute. Industry wants to hire not only the right talent with the right skill set but also someone who has a positive attitude and work skills. Hence, it is not a problem of the availability of competent and talented graduates but employability of talent.

In the 21st century, the internet economy is growing rapidly and the skill needs of future workers are undergoing drastic changes. With online learning and remote work becoming the new normal, the future workforce needs to adapt to the evolving needs of industry and ride on the technology wave. The role of digital skills along with meta-skills in productivity and effectiveness will become pronounced. These skills will be acquired not only through formal education but a unique blend of outside-college learning.

Centum Learning is working closely with students, colleges, and employers to solve the employability gaps for jobs of the future. We develop learning solutions for students to become job and future-ready. Employers and colleges seek our employability solutions to solve their challenges while they can focus on their core operations.


Our Approach

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