Women Empowerment and Livelihood

Women Empowerment and Livelihood
Uplifting women is pivotal for an equal society. It is empowerment of the society in its truest sense. A lot of CSR implementation mandate or CSR program are centered around training women and empowering them as independent individuals, making them capable of earning their own livelihood in different ways. Women empowerment initiatives are a core activity with the Centum Foundation and its partners. Over 15,000 women across various locations countrywide in sectors like IT/ ITeS, Telecom, Beauty and Wellness, Apparel, Construction, Retail, Hospitality, BFSI, and Healthcare among others have received employability related training.
RPG Foundation

Trained women in the healthcare sector for General Duty Assistant & Pharmacy positions

Altran Technologies
(Now Capgemini Engineering)

Digital skills training of female undergraduate students


Livelihood Skilling

One employed youth supports 5 of the family.

Skilling as a CSR program involves the inculcation of skills among underskilled individuals with limited means. The aim of the activity is to empower them- Making them capable to apply the learnt skills at the actual workplace environment, thereby converting them into independent earners of their livelihood, therefore, becoming the support systems for their families.
Our livelihood skilling programs focus on the underprivileged youth, equipping them with the required skills to earn their livelihoods. We have worked with various organizations like Essilor, Google, Bata, and more.
These skilling-based CSR initiatives ensure the consistent availability of proficient talent in the workforce, contributing to the process of nation-building in the long term- Calling organisations to forge CSR partnerships in the field of skill development!

HCL Foundation

Provided job related skills training to youth in Hyderabad under UDAY program

Google - Digital Skills

Partnered with Google, to deliver trainings under Digital Skills for Africa across 27+ countries

Livelihood Skilling

Up-skilling School and College Students

Up-skilling School and College Students

Up-skilling school and college students to ensure they are able to support their families in the future. It involves imparting vocational skills, technology skills (both current and emerging), along soft skills to enhance their employability.
Multiple ranges of upskilling initiatives for school and college students can be undertaken with the help of CSR partnerships, leading the way towards a smooth and vocational transition for these students from the academic to the professional world.

Microsoft Corporation (India)

Sensitization of government school students & teachers in future technologies such as AI & ML

Inductis India
(A unit of EXL Services)

Providing Data Analyst training to students in Delhi NCR & Chennai


Curating Social Impact Programs

Corporates are increasingly seeking a diverse range of social impact programs across domains that are often aligned with their corporate values with an aim to bring out a positive change in society. They seek reliable CSR partnerships with trusted agencies that can serve as the ultimate guide around the best CSR practices for serving society!
Centum aims to inspire collaborations among business leaders, community members, and a wide range of organizations to create a positive, significant and sustainable impact on society.

Health & Hygiene

Conducted various awareness programmes focused on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Influencer Marketing

Engaging & training influencers who are prominent drivers of purchasing company's products

Curating Social Impact Programs

Environment & Sustainability Solutions

Environment & Sustainability Solutions

The effects of climate change are being felt all over the world, with a serious threat to our natural resources. The need for urgent action becomes more apparent as incidents involving extreme weather conditions increase and lead to an annual loss in ecosystems. Centum Foundation is working towards addressing issues of climate change, biodiversity and environmental governance. By supporting these projects, we tend to make positive changes for future generations through implementation and sharing knowledge on sustainable practices. The organization strives towards these goals by collaborating effectively within networks of like-minded organizations committed to not only providing assistance but moreover creating long-term value.

Business Sustainability

Businesses need to be aware of their impact on society and the environment to survive and thrive in the future

Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based solutions for climate are the key to addressing both climate change and biodiversity loss


Structured Project Management

Implementation is the key to success. Any CSR implementation mandate or CSR program which Centum Foundation takes up follows our structured project management approach. The focus remains unwavering on the outcomes.
Awards and Recognition

Top 20 Learning Services Company in the World, 2023

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best Initiative for Philanthropy and Corporate Giving', 2023

Brandon Hall Silver Award for 'Best Corporate Outreach to Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Communities', 2023

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best Advance in Social Impact Innovation', 2022

Excellence in the 'Women Empowerment' category at the '11th World CSR Congress & Awards 2022'

Excellence in the 'Efforts towards building an inclusive world' category at the '11th World CSR Congress & Awards 2022'

Innovations in CSR Practices Award for 'Digital Skills Program‘, 2021

Best Corporate Foundation Award for 'Skill Development Program', 2019

Asia's Most Trusted Training & Skilling Company by IBC, USA, 2018

Ranked #11 amongst India's Great Places to Work®, 2019

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