The client wanted to train its procurement and sales staff towards increased all-round work performance. Some of the other key objectives for the desired intervention were for the training partner to:

  • Facilitate increased retention of employees
  • Train the employees to provide superior customer experience
  • Adopt appropriate ways of working
  • Help achieve de-alignment from the ‘Broker’ perception in the customer’s mind space


A two-year long project commenced with Centum Learning undertaking a Training Need Analysis, which included identification of people and process-related issues and their importance in the business. The inputs from this activity were then used to create two specialized interventions to be deployed in an Academy format.

One focused on the procurement staff and is called “Get Car”. It aims at improving their skill sets in the specific domain and covers areas like basic techniques of procurement, knowledge about technical evaluation of the car, customer service management etc.

The other intervention meant for the Sales staff is called “Win Sale” which aims at enhancing the skill set of the participants in closing sales deals successfully.

The ongoing project involves sustained learning through continuous interaction at the workplace. Additionally, Mystery Audits form a critical part of the entire process, results of which are published in dashboards and the analysis is used to run reinforcement exercises followed by yet another round of checks. The final step is the certification of the employees who have successfully undergone the entire process.


The Academy has to date clocked 344 training days and 5070 total trainee man days (40560 hours) covering 508 employees.