Centum Learning partnered with the government of Punjab to implement the Vocationalisation of Higher Secondary Education (VHSE) scheme from class 9 onwards by following the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) across schools in remote districts.

Centum commenced vocational training in Kangar village, which is a remote area of Rupnagar District. It frequently faces power cuts, and there are limited shops in the village. The Government-run school was handed over to Centum for undertaking vocational training. Due to the obscure location and lack of connectivity, trainer retention was also an issue.

Centum Learning conducted a need diagnostic study to understand the problems at hand. The study found that students were very shy and hesitant to express their views in class. To tackle this, Centum Trainer conducted few ice-breaking exercises, which were able to bridge the gap and build confidence in public speaking. The students began giving self-introduction in front of everyone, then in front of the entire school!

Centum trainer was able to increase the efficacy of spoken English through online tutorials, along with virtual lectures delivered by experts in English as Guest lecturers.

The Result -80 % of students began participating in class and that too in English!