To increase the product knowledge and hence sales effectiveness of the sales force selling the Services of world’s fifth-largest telecom operator.


Centum Learning conducted a training programme – Success in Sales – for Territory Sales Managers and Field Sales Executives servicing the client. The programme was conducted for Relationship Centers and Direct Selling Agents at Lucknow, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Dehradun, Bareilly, Agra and Meerut. It exposed participants to a unique sales model – GO-GETSALE and highlighted the importance of grooming and effective communication skills including body language.

In addition, it showcased different ways the team can resolve customers’ queries. Participants were also successfully trained on products and sales processes. The use of role-plays and relevant examples during the programme along with elements like quizzes, contests, personal improvement plans, energizers and motivational activities made the learning easy and effective.


One of the top performers in the Circle, who attended the programme, credits his entire success to the impactful content delivered during the programme. The average post-training score of participants in the realm of products and processes shot up to 91% from 43%. Going forward, the programme will be taken to the next level by conducting telephonic audits for those Field Sales Executives, who have undergone training, to further facilitate the implementation.