The Challenge

Centum Learning’s client, one of the world’s most popular mobile phone company, were determined to become the No.1 smartphone company in India. In this effort, the client partnered with us to resolve the challenge of amplifying sales team productivity and formulate a strategy for taking sales team capacity development to the next level.

The critical output criteria were enhancing the conversion rate, counter-share & per-head productivity. We set a clear goal to display a tangible market outcome in higher market share and higher average promoter productivity.

We were to enhance the productivity of the promoter by setting up of structured learning path. In addition, we also received charge of coaching the in-house training team.

Centum Impact

The client presented our training solution’s journey and its outcome at the client’s National Meet in the presence of their state CEOs, Marketing Heads, Sales Head and all the key stakeholders. The results presented were as follows:

Training value creation worth INR 12 crores
Promoter Productivity: Increment in sales productivity by 21%
Trainer Development: 12 Trainers, rose from Silver to Gold and 4 from Gold to Platinum

Centum 5D Approach



  • Need Diagnostic Study (NDS): As part of this exercise, Centum experts visited 12 different cities covering a mix of the metro market, Tier 2, 3, 4 & also markets based on brand leadership, challengers & follower categories. In all, they covered 100+ outlets across categories
  • Stakeholder feedback: Second part of the Deep Dive, included meetings with key stakeholders, i.e. National Training Head, South-East Asia Retail Head, Area Managers, Retailers & Training Teams
  • Competition info: As part of the exercise, team Centum also visited other competitor outlets. The objective was to benchmark based on promoters profile, attrition level, store relation & productivity
  • Voice of customer: Our experts also took feedback from the customers about their preferred brand, features, and price. To help get a deeper understanding of the brand’s positioning & enablers


  • No sales skill development: The entire emphasis of the promoter & front-line sales team was product training, with no focus on sales skill development which was lacking
  • No standard evaluation & categorisation: There was no standard mechanism for categorization and the evaluation of promoters. The client treated all the promoters at par, and training was generic in nature
  • Lack of a structured training program: There was less focus on the upskilling of trainers. In comparison, trainers were good at product knowledge but lacked coaching & platform skills


  • Scientific & unbiased categorisation of 1200 Promoters based on a mix of Input & output parameters was done. The input was the sales competency index, a combination of call opening, FABing, objection handling, and more. Output was of 3 elements, i.e. the counter share, conversion ratio & hero product sales. We discussed and agreed on both the input & output criteria with the CEO & South-East Asia Head level
  • A customised & blended learning journey was designed, based on the categorisation of promoters – Platinum, Gold & Silver. All Learning journeys were defined with specific business KPIs in mind
  • Trainer assessment & categorisation was also done on a similar framework
  • A boot camp was conducted to have a standard & uniform delivery across, 3 full day joint workshops were conducted with SMEs, stakeholders & trainers


  • A 70:20:10 model was rolled out. Emphasis was on OJT as a majority of the skill gap was observed in sales skills.
  • A project charter with clear timelines & responsibilities was defined
  • Fitness certification was the biggest enabler, that we did for all promoters. Fitness certification is a 30 minutes exercise with each trainee involving one product quiz, sales quiz & a role play. It helps establish the level of the trainee. It is done monthly or once a quarter depending on the level, i.e. if platinum, it will be done once a quarter. For gold, every alternate month & silver goes through this every month.
  • Continuous learning with a mix of CRT, OJT, online assessment & digital learning.
  • Robust project governance was put in place to review the KPI movement fortnightly. Governance meeting was clearly measured as status vs desired level & modifications were done around inputs on a real-time basis.
  • Monthly project review meetings were held with South-East Asia Head & National Training head, on KPIs


“Centum Learning’s Sales advisory solution has played a monumental role to bring a paradigm shift in evaluating Promoter benchmarking based on Store potential, Counter share, Skill & Knowledge index thus bringing in huge upside on cost-saving, Productivity & market share.
They have bought about 21% increase in sales productivity of our promoters.
In all, the partnership has led us to a training value creation of 120 Mn. In our journey ahead, Centum will have to play a pivotal role to build a complete market dominance & leadership through this partnership.”

National Sales Training Head