Centum trainer was assigned to conduct IT/ITeS trade in Government School Ghgga, Patiala. The infrastructure posed a serious challenge ineffective implementation of NSQF. However taking this as an opportunity, the Centum trainer began approaching his students and asked each of them to give at least one solution to the challenges. Taking this as an opportunity to participate and make a positive change in their school, students felt very encouraged and quickly began giving multiple suggestions. Out of these, a few were very effective.

Innovative solutions which came from the students were like painting the backside of their class door to use it as black-board. Following this, the trainer used the HDMI port available in the LED screen of Edusat lab and connected his own personal laptop to deliver IT/ITeS lectures. Additionally, the trainer noticed that a few students were not wearing proper uniforms. With the support of fellow students, he managed to tackle this issue as well. Whether it was making the classroom a better place to study with the use of charts and models, or making the school cleaner, Centum trainer managed to do all this with his self-motivated students’ group.

School’s environment has shown considerable change and their positivity amongst all. The School Principal too acknowledged Centum trainer’s efforts and now whenever he faces any problem, his students are the first one to help him with their ideas.