To build capability & leadership skills through assessment and simulation program for achieving business results.


Achieving results while building the capability of 50 store managers pan India to manage the teams effectively and independently while generating more revenue.

Centum 5D Approach

Centum started the journey with their Patented 5D Model involving:


  • Analysing the focus areas of intervention through the 3-P model- People, Performance and Potential
  • Classifying managers into four categories based on their performance and potential- Stars, Backbone, Problem Children, Icebergs


The findings identified are broadly categorized as under:

  • Analysis and Decision Making
  • Persuading and Influencing
  • Relationship Building
  • Leadership Skills


  • Multiple tools such as psychometric assessment, role plays, in-basket assessment and competency-based interviews were employed
  • Customised initiation with respect to the four categories so as to remove redundancy


  • A 4-day Pre-Assessment was undertaken for selected target audience
  • Individual Reports were generated and the participants were categorized into Novice, Learner, Effective & Expert categories, learning interventions were planned accordingly
  • Classroom session: 2-day Experiential Training Sessions were organized based on the inputs & the recommendations of the Development Center
  • Management concepts addressing the competencies were identified for this intervention
  • Regular knowledge checks were undertaken
  • Project/ Simulation: Participants were given projects to execute at their workplace with measurable impact
  • Post Assessment: Provided one-on-one coaching and mentoring on defined actionable as a part of the post assessment proceedings- 3 Face-to- Face coaching sessions
  • Measured Impact through assessment- IDP, 360 Degree report, 4 coaching calls


  • A nine-box grid was designed based on performance and potential assessment
  • 47 out of 50 managers were placed in the medium to high range of performance and potential scores in the nine-box grid
  • A significant 30 store managers were placed in the key-player and the rising star grids
  • 3 store managers were identified as talent risk- these required actions in terms of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) while one manager performed exceptionally well in terms of both performance and potential and was rewarded a place in the future leader grid for his excellent talent and consistent performance