Our programs focus on equipping your workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, implement, and adhere to industry-specific regulations. From financial compliance to health and safety standards, our training covers a wide range of regulatory domains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is the objective of the Certification Led Training Programs?
    Our Certification Led Training Programs aim to equip your workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills to adhere to industry-specific regulations. The programs focus on enhancing professional competence, promoting regulatory compliance, and fostering a culture of continuous learning.
    Why are Certification Led Training Programs crucial?
    Certification Led Training Programs are essential as they ensure that your employees are well-equipped to meet the regulatory requirements of their roles. They enhance professional competence, ensure regulatory compliance, and contribute to the overall success and reputation of the organization.
    What results can be anticipated from the Certification Led Training Programs?
    Participants can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of their roles, improve their professional skills, and stay updated with regulatory requirements. These outcomes lead to improved job performance, better compliance, and a more positive work environment.
    Can Certification Led Training Programs be conducted virtually?
    Yes, our Certification Led Training Programs can be delivered virtually, providing greater flexibility and accessibility. This allows participants to engage in the training regardless of their geographical location.
    How is the effectiveness of Certification Led Training Programs evaluated?
    The effectiveness of our programs can be assessed through participant feedback, performance observation, and progress evaluation in developing the skills covered in the training.
    Who is the target audience for Certification Led Training Programs?
    Our Certification Led Training Programs are suitable for all employees, irrespective of their role or level in the organization. These programs are designed to enhance professional competence and ensure regulatory compliance across all levels.
    How frequently should Certification Led Training Programs be conducted?
    The frequency of these programs can be determined based on the specific needs and goals of your organization. However, it’s generally beneficial to conduct this training regularly to ensure that the skills and knowledge are updated.
    Can your training programs accommodate the flexibility of our team's needs, considering their busy schedules?
    Absolutely. Our programs are designed to provide maximum flexibility, allowing your team to learn at their own pace and convenience.
    What kind of post-training support do you offer?
    We believe that learning is an ongoing process. Therefore, we provide continuous support after the completion of the training. This includes regular assessments, feedback sessions, and additional resources to ensure the effective application of the skills learned during the training.
    Can you provide training in our native language?
    Yes, we can arrange for the training to be conducted in the appropriate language based on your requirements and the language proficiency of your team.
    We have a diverse team in terms of skill levels. How can you accommodate this diversity in your training programs?
    Our training programs are designed to cater to various skill levels, from entry-level employees to senior management. We ensure a uniform upgrade of skills across your team, irrespective of their current skill level.
    We operate globally. Can your training solutions cater to our international branches as well?
    Yes, we provide training solutions globally. We are equipped to deliver effective training solutions for your international teams, ensuring a consistent learning experience across all locations.
    What is the cost of your Certification Led Training Programs?
    The cost of our programs varies based on several factors, such as the type of training, duration, complexity, and the size of your team. To get an accurate estimate of the cost, we encourage you to get in touch with our team.
    What benefits can we expect from setting up a long-term learning partnership instead of opting for one-time courses?
    A long-term learning partnership ensures a consistent enhancement of knowledge and skills, enabling your team to adapt to the evolving market dynamics and demands. While one-time courses offer immediate skill upgrades, a long-term partnership aligns with your organization’s objectives over the long-term, leading to sustained growth and productivity.
    Our team consists of remote employees. Can you cater to this?
    Absolutely. We have extensive experience in working with a distributed workforce. Both classroom-based training and virtual trainings can be conducted for the distributed workforce.
    How quickly can we expect to see the impact of your training on our performance?
    The impact of training can vary based on several factors such as the complexity of the training, the engagement level of the participants, and how swiftly the learned skills are applied in real-world situations. However, improvements in performance and compliance can generally be observed shortly after the completion of the training.

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Impact of our New-age Learning Solutions

Google - Digital Skills for Africa

Google - Digital Skills for Africa

  • Partnered with Google, to deliver trainings under Digital Skills for Africa
  • The vast depth and expanse of the project spanned 27+ countries, in 100+ counties across 5000+ venues where 280+ trainers delivered Google training
  • Trained more than 0.88 million youth


  • Enhanced the communication skills, consultative skills, negotiation skills, influencing skills and relationship management within Microsoft
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction feedback in the mortgage business
  • Trained More than 150 channel sales managers on selling
Anti-Money Laundering Training Program at a Leading Bank

Anti-Money Laundering Training Program at a Leading Bank

  • Delivered a virtual Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training to top management of a leading Kenyan bank.
  • Covered AML practices, fraud detection, risk management, and robust AML/CFT systems.
  • Received commendations for our deep expertise, professional management, and effective delivery.
  • This project underscores our commitment to high-quality, impactful training.
Essilor - Eye Rafiki Program

Essilor - Eye Rafiki Program

  • 350+ vision screening events for rural Kenya
  • 18,000+ people screened
  • 75+ small businesses opened (ER shops by Centum trainees)


  • Custom training program to increase selling potential of channel partners
  • Delivered learning focused around territory planning, channel partner sales, dealer management skills, channel sales effectiveness, etc.
  • Trained Sony Territory Sales Managers as well as members of partner sales force

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Erik Wiersma

Ag Advisor

Airtel Africa

Katherine Morgan

Business Development Consultant


Airtel Africa

Customer Service Director

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Impacting Lives

The timing of every coaching session was wonderful, training materials were fitting for me and I can now tell anyone what I do, what I plan to do and the outcomes with in less than 3 minutes. And more so, I know the different types of pitches and pitch presentation materials to use depending on what story I want to portray to my audience.
Nshimiyimana Alexandre
Sanit Wing Ltd., Rwanda
Kudos to the entire Centum Learning and AGRIHACK team for having taken us through the online training successfully. I would like to formally and sincerely express my gratitude for the amazing Agripreneur training program I accomplished last week as a team leader Akaboxi limited company Kampala Uganda.
Tumwijukye Lillian
Akaboxi Ltd., Uganda
The Mentorship Support Trainings with resource individuals at Centum Learning were incredibly helpful. Sessions where trainers de-constructed my business model to understand my business showed me areas that might be of strong interest to investors.
Nana Yaw Antwi-Boasiako
Prospect Feed Ltd., Ghana
The platform Centum Xelerate was so easy to download, it has exciting features, and it’s easy to navigate through the modules. The background music was so exciting. I also liked the voice over in the videos. I also like the idea of self-learning modules because I could take the course in my own free time.
Bwanika Charles
Farm Kiosk, Uganda
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Top 20 Learning Services Company in the World, 2023

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best Advance in Creating an Extended Enterprise Learning Program', 2023

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best Use of Games or Simulations for Learning', 2023

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best Advance in Learning Management Technology', 2023

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best Initiative for Philanthropy and Corporate Giving', 2023

Brandon Hall Silver Award for 'Best Sales Training Program for Extended Enterprise', 2023

Brandon Hall Silver Award for 'Best Corporate Outreach to Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Communities', 2023

Brandon Hall Silver Award for 'Best Advance in Assessment and Survey Technology', 2023

Brandon Hall Bronze Award for 'Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy', 2023

Brandon Hall Gold Award for ‘Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology’, 2022

Brandon Hall Gold Award for ‘Best Advance in Sales Training Online Application’, 2022

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best program in Sales Training and Performance', 2022

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best use of Blended Learning', 2022

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best Advance in Social Impact Innovation', 2022

‘Best Learning Partner’ at Africa L&D Leadership Awards

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best Unique Sales Training Program', 2021

Top Training Outsourcing Company to be watched Globally, 2021

Brandon Hall Gold Award for 'Best Advance in Social Impact Innovation', 2021

Top Learning Experience Platform to be watched Globally, 2021

Brandon Hall Silver Award for 'Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology', 2021

Brandon Hall Bronze Award for ‘Best Advance in Onboarding Technology’, 2021

Brandon Hall Bronze Award for ‘Best Blended Learning Program’, 2020

‘Excellence in Content Development Award’ for impacting business results, 2020

Brandon Hall Silver Award for ‘Best Launch of a Corporate Learning University’, 2019

HR Excellence Award 2018 for Technology Deployment in HR, 2018