Akansha Butte’s educational voyage has been significantly enriched through a specialized data analytics training program, a testament to the fruitful partnership between NTT DATA and Centum Foundation. As a final-year Computer Science student at JSPM College, Pune, her engagement with this program marks a pivotal chapter in her journey, setting a foundation for her aspirations in the tech industry.

Sponsored by NTT DATA, the training program was meticulously designed to cover the gamut of Big Data Technologies and machine learning, equipping Akansha and her peers with the tools and knowledge essential for the dynamic field of data analytics. Delving into technologies such as Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Hive, alongside advanced machine learning models, the curriculum ensured a comprehensive understanding, bridging theoretical knowledge with practical application.

A highlight of Akansha’s training was her implementation of a Naive Bayes classifier using a Kaggle dataset for spam classification. This project not only showcased her ability to apply learned concepts to real-world data but also resulted in an impressive 82% accuracy rate, exemplifying the effectiveness of her newly acquired skills.

This training initiative underlines the commitment of NTT DATA and Centum Foundation to empower students from diverse backgrounds, providing them with opportunities to excel in the tech sector. Akansha’s story is a beacon for other students, illustrating the transformative possibilities when education is aligned with industry needs and supported by companies committed to fostering talent.

As Akansha looks forward to applying her data analytics expertise in the professional world, her journey from a student to a budding professional in data analytics is a powerful narrative of ambition, skill, and the transformative impact of targeted educational programs. It’s a narrative that reinforces the value of partnerships like that between NTT DATA and Centum Foundation, dedicated to equipping the next generation of tech professionals with the skills they need to succeed.