In an event that brought together thought leaders and change-makers, Manish Prakash Sahu, Head of Centum Foundation, distinguished himself at the 13th World CSR Day & Congress with his insightful participation among a panel of esteemed speakers. Held at the prestigious Taj Lands End in Mumbai, the session themed “Heal the World… Make it a Better Place” provided a fertile ground for discussions aimed at forging a better future through CSR.

Manish’s discussion on “Value Driven Social Change” shed light on the integral role of corporate social responsibility in driving impactful societal transformations. His expertise and visionary outlook contributed significantly to the dialogue, emphasizing the need for CSR initiatives that are not only innovative but also deeply embedded in the values of inclusivity, sustainability, and empowerment.

The engagement served as an invaluable platform for sharing knowledge, strategies, and best practices in CSR, sparking meaningful conversations on how organizations can navigate the challenges of the modern world while contributing positively to societal progress. Manish Prakash Sahu's participation underscored Centum Foundation's leadership in advocating for CSR that transcends traditional boundaries, aiming for holistic development and a more harmonious world.

This session at the World CSR Day & Congress was more than an exchange of ideas; it was a clarion call for collaborative efforts in shaping a future where businesses and communities thrive together. Through his participation, Manish not only represented Centum Foundation's ideals but also inspired attendees to envision and work towards a world where every CSR endeavor makes a lasting difference.