On February 7, 2024, the corridors of CJIT Hyderabad buzzed with a unique vibrancy, witnessing the launch of the She ARISE 2.0 physical center, a collaborative initiative by Capgemini and Centum Foundation. This event was not just an inauguration but a celebration of empowerment, education, and environmental consciousness.

The She ARISE 2.0 program, driven by Capgemini’s CSR vision and executed with Centum Foundation’s expertise, aims to uplift and educate young women, providing them with the tools and knowledge to thrive in today’s dynamic world. The launch event saw enthusiastic participation from the Capgemini leadership team and volunteers, all gathered to witness and contribute to this noble cause.

The conversations extended beyond the present, envisioning future possibilities for these young aspirants. Discussions about potential job profiles, work culture, and career pathways opened new horizons for the trainees, offering them a glimpse into what the future holds post-training.

The highlight of the day was a tree-planting activity, symbolizing the program’s commitment to growth and sustainability. Each sapling planted stood for the nurtured development of the program’s participants, paralleling their growth with that of the trees — a testament to the initiative’s dedication to creating lasting impacts both in human and environmental terms.

As the She ARISE 2.0 center embarks on its journey at CJIT Hyderabad, it heralds a future where education and empowerment go hand in hand with ecological stewardship. This center is set to become a beacon of holistic development, where young women are equipped to face the future with confidence and a sense of responsibility toward the planet.

The collaboration between Capgemini and Centum Foundation exemplifies how corporate and educational entities can come together to forge pathways for empowerment and sustainable growth. As these young women step into the She ARISE 2.0 center, they step closer to becoming the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow, embodying the promise of a brighter, greener future.