The She ARISE 2.0 program, in collaboration with Capgemini, recently marked a significant milestone through an exclusive industrial visit aimed at bridging the gap between education and the dynamic world of IT/ITeS. Held as part of the UK NBD CSR event, this engaging experience unfolded within Capgemini’s innovative landscape, offering a profound look into the corporate environment for its beneficiaries.

Structured around the Capgemini L&D Connect event, the visit focused on empowering She ARISE 2.0 participants through a series of meticulously crafted volunteering activities. Beneficiaries engaged in mock drives, simulating real-life job application and interview scenarios, gaining firsthand insights into the professional world. These sessions were complemented by comprehensive resume-building workshops, equipping participants with the skills necessary to effectively present their capabilities to potential employers.

Moreover, the visit included specialized guidance on preparing for entry-level positions in the IT and ITeS sectors, empowering the participants with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the job market successfully. This initiative represents a cornerstone in the ongoing commitment to women's empowerment and skill development, showcasing the collaborative efforts of Capgemini and the She ARISE 2.0 program towards fostering sustainable career paths and community impact.

The success of the event underscores the pivotal role of industry partnerships in enabling practical learning experiences and highlights the transformative potential of CSR initiatives in unlocking new horizons for aspiring professionals. Through such impactful collaborations, we continue to build stronger communities and drive meaningful change, one career at a time.