In a significant educational stride, Centum Foundation, in partnership with NTT DATA, recently hosted a transformative workshop at JSPM College, Pune. This collaboration was designed to bridge the gap between academic preparation and real-world IT industry demands, specifically tailored to empower young women with the knowledge and skills for a thriving career in technology.

The workshop featured a cadre of NTT DATA’s experts, including Sanjay Khorate, HR Senior Director; Milind Sawant, Quality and Performance Director; Omkar More, IT Analyst; and Shubham Kasture, IT Senior Associate. Their involvement brought invaluable insights to the forefront, offering students a deep dive into the fast-paced world of IT, emerging technologies, and the nuances of navigating job interviews in the tech sector.

The sessions provided a comprehensive overview of the IT industry, covering not only the current landscape but also anticipating future trends and technologies that are expected to shape the sector. This foresight is crucial for preparing the new generation to not only enter the market but to excel and innovate within it.

A highlight of the event was the interactive Q&A session, fostering an open dialogue between NTT DATA representatives and the workshop participants. This exchange was pivotal, as it allowed students to address their queries directly with industry professionals, enhancing their understanding and demystifying aspects of working in tech.

This workshop is a testament to the power of collaboration between the corporate sector and educational institutions in creating opportunities for meaningful learning and professional development. Through these initiatives, NTT DATA and Centum Foundation are committed to nurturing a diverse pool of talent ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of the IT industry.

As we continue to champion the next wave of tech leaders, events like these underscore our dedication to empowering young minds with the confidence, skills, and insights needed for success. This workshop at JSPM College is just one of many steps towards fostering an inclusive and innovative future in technology.