Sales Team Training

Sales Team Training


Sales force Training is undertaken for teams and employees to enhance their selling effectiveness. Today it is no longer a 'nice-to-have-skill', rather the customer obsessed world, demands it is an essential element for the success of any organization. Building the selling capability of employees to sell and build relationships is a very effective tool for gaining competitive advantage.

 Why Sales Force Training helps?

Fundamental of Sales force training involves enhancing 'Product knowledge', since this ensures that professionals can communicate effectively and enthusiastically. This inturn builds trust and confidence in customer relationships. Your comany's sales force needs to know the in and out of the offerings of the organization, they should be able to gauge the competition and effectively answer questions on the spot and overcome common customer objections.

 How it adds value?

Centum Learning's expert L&D professionals, ensure knowledge and skills enhancement is performed using role-plays, business simulations, game mechanics and other techniques to provide opportunities for the teams to apply their product knowledge in real-life situations. The employees must have access to all kinds of training related to their organization’s products and services to provide best-in-class customer experience. Centum Learning offers a whole range of sales training solutions starting with conducting a needs diagnostic study, understanding the skill and process gaps and developing customized solutions. Training and coaching on modules like essential selling skills, sales management skills, advanced selling skills, consultative selling skills, etc. very much form a part of the sales training solutions.

 Training programs offered:

In order to undertake a training intervention aimed to induce Sales force effectiveness, following steps are undertaken:

  • Need Diagnostic Study (NDS)

It is a tool used to identify what courses or programs should be provided to employees to improve their work productivity. It places the focus on needs as opposed to desires of the employees for a constructive outcome. We use a systematic means of conducting the NDS at three levels - organizational, operational (or task), and individual (or person). The findings of the NDS help us ideate the next steps for the design and development of the learning experience for the participants.

  • New Hire Induction Programs

An employee’s induction process is often what makes or breaks his experience at a company. Employee Induction is the first step of welcoming new employees to the company and preparing them for their respective roles. It is the introduction and orientation of the employee in the organizational culture and showing the employees how interconnected he/she is to everyone in the organization. It creates an induction program in line with the goals and objectives of the organization. An excellent induction program ensures that the employees contribute more effectively and efficiently to their team.

  • Customer Centricity

Being customer centric is a way of doing business with your customer in a way that provides a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits. We enable your customer service professionals to understand ways to move up the service levels to create Moments of Truth and customer intimacy to build relationships.

  • Selling Skills

High-performing salespeople focus on building relationships that lead to increase in sales. We enable your Sales teams to generate more leads, with a high impact sales performance. Our sales program equips the sales professionals to develop critical skills that are needed to become top performers. We understand that buying decision always has two sides – the customer’s purchase process and your sales process – and we enable and train your sales professionals to apply the selling skills and techniques to advance customers through their purchase process.

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Client Testimonials

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    Manager, Network Development Tata Motors

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    Sateesh. V. Shet

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    Rahul Chopra

    Vice President Everest Industries Ltd.

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