At Centum, we provide a better solution – we help you establish a customised leadership academy. We co-create a competency framework, devise individual development plans, design programmes, assess your leaders, and provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to support the academy’s success. Our leadership academy covers all levels of leadership, including first-time managers, seasoned executives, and senior leaders.

By establishing a leadership academy, you can develop your leaders in line with your company’s ethos and competencies. Additionally, our academy can become a part of your company’s ongoing learning and development (L&D) activities, ensuring that your leaders are continuously improving and acquiring the skills needed to drive your company’s success.

At Centum, we are passionate about helping organizations build effective leadership academies. Contact us today to find out how we can help you establish a customized leadership academy that meets your needs and incorporates the latest thinking in leadership development.

Our Approach

Competency Framework

Competency Framework

We validate or help develop leadership competency frameworks. With our research, we can validate your existing framework. If you don’t have one, we’ll create it collaboratively by gathering input from your team, experts, and our research team. The framework and behavioral indicators will vary based on leadership levels.

Assessment Center

Assessment Center

After establishing your competencies, we conduct an assessment center to identify areas where leaders at all levels require intervention. The center aligns with the competency framework and expected behaviors for each level. We use various assessments (psychometric tests, interviews, self-reflection) to evaluate leaders.

Individual Development Plans

Individual Development Plans

Based on their assessments as well as inputs from their reporting managers, we will help you craft individual development plans. These individual development plans will involve a mixture of structured programs, both self paced and live, along with coaching support.



Our partnerships with leading leadership programs, such as the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), enable us to guide your leaders through personalized development plans. Our programs are tailored to help develop competencies specific to your organization. We offer a mix of self-paced and live instruction, which can take place online, in a classroom, or outbound.



Structured programs improve performance, and coaching can enhance the impact. We provide personalized coaching to ensure your leaders apply what they learn. Our expert coaches guide leaders through group or individual interactions. We onboard coaches who align with your organization’s goals.



We strongly believe that all assessment ought to be focused on growth. Our assessment center is entirely focused on that. However, in the short term, you may need to make some decisions about the future of your leaders and what responsibilities are appropriate for them. Our evaluation will aid you in making such decisions.



No matter how much you intervene through L&D, real, long-lasting impact will only happen when these ideas become a part of your daily culture. Mentorship programs can help achieve that. We will help you implement an internal mentorship program for leaders at all levels. We will help you match mentors to mentees, orient mentors, and support them in their ongoing mentorship.

Program Outcomes

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