Job Position

Trainers – Mobile Handset Manufacturer

Job Type
As per industry standards


As a trainer, the candidate will use his training facilitation and presentation skills to advise the retail representatives / field force and promoters on how to sell smartphone/mobile handset products, services & solutions.

Industry knowledge

  • Candidate has to be an expert in the understanding of mobile technologies & solutions
  • Candidate should understand retail operations & mobile retail business
  • Candidate should have a strong interest in products, services, and solutions

Selling Skills

  • Successfully apply the company way of selling
  • Translate the Company knowledge into consumer solutions/experiences
  • Recognize buying signals and act appropriately
  • Use demonstrations as a powerful selling tool
  • Match the correct product/service based on a thorough analysis
  • Use a variety of closing techniques

Training Skills

  • Should have instructional design skills to structure a learning environment that supports learning of different types of topics
  • Adapt own training method or technique to the situational requirements
  • Create and maintain a good learning atmosphere/climate
  • Master multiple methods to activate people in your training sessions
  • Give clear guidance and instructions on how to conduct hands-on exercises
  • Adapt learning activities without losing sight of the common learning objective
  • Should be an active listener and possess good questioning skills
  • Understand and use storytelling as part of your training
  • Explain technical concepts without using “techy” terminology according to the target audience knowledge level.
  • Engage people and you can maintain a high level of interactivity during the training sessions

Other Qualities

  • Candidate should be passionate and eager to learn and grow in terms of skills, knowledge and attitudes
  • Candidate should be team player and aware of cultural differences
  • Candidate should cope well with a fast-changing and high-pressure working environment
  • Candidate should be focus on priorities
  • Candidate should be proactive and take initiative
  • Candidate should be able to set goals and objectives and translate them into action
  • Candidate should be a change agent and adopt the challenger mindset daring to be different
  • Candidate should focus on priorities setting goals and objectives and translating them into action
  • Candidate should be a team player and aware of cultural differences and flex his/her style accordingly
  • Candidate should be proactive, take initiative and cope well with a fast-changing and high-pressure working environment
  • Candidate should be a master in the English language
  • Candidate should be very thorough and accurate in his administration
  • Candidate should be also flexible, self-directed, diplomatic, energetic, creative, collaborative, analytical, modest and IT literate


1.Deliver training

    • Provide training sessions to fellow trainers, Route Trainers, Distributor Sales Reps, FF Team Leaders, Internal Sales Staff, FF sales reps and promoters
    • Provide solutions training to retail sales assistants. During training sessions, you teach retail reps how they can use their Company knowledge to help the client find the solution which suits their needs.
    • Make training sessions interesting and appealing by sharing relevant experiences and examples.
    • Provide well-structured activities to increase the learning yield.
    • Adapt the exercises and the activities to maximize the learning yield.
    • Encourage the learners by giving them feedback on their progress.
    • Share the relevant news (new technologies, competitors actions, company) gathered

2.Represent Company during your assignments

    • Embody Company values
    • Comply with Company guidelines
    • Supply team members with tips to increase the brand image of Company.

3.Perform administrative tasks

  • Maintain and submit training documents
  • Keep control of a calendar in a proactive way

Eligibility Criteria

  • 5+ years of Experience into Sales & Product Training
  • Exposure into telecom/Handset/Consumer Goods Industry preferred
  • Local Language is a must
  • Any graduate

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