Job Position

Lead – Product Design & Management

New Delhi
Job Type
Content Development
As per Industry Standards


The incumbent will be responsible for developing Learning Products to be customized or off the shelf offerings in Sales and Services Academy and content for other sales training and leadership development offerings.

The individual will bring industry perspective through primary and secondary information sources for strengthening the offerings of the sales and services academy. He or she will prospect new/ future requirements of the industry and work on designing new offerings and products. Shall work in collaboration with content designers and share industry perspective to be incorporated in the content design for sales and services academy.

S/he shall maintain strong connections with relationships with industry for capturing current trends and preferences. Managing and developing Industry Partnerships, if any.

One would also be responsible for L&D product designing and OD based interventions. The individual shall support in giving industry insights for developing tools and content for Sales and Services Academy. One would work on other varied initiatives as and when assigned. Shall work closely with CLO and provide support in developing framework and strategy for sales and services academy.

Essential Qualifications

  • MBA in Sales/Marketing
  • Minimum 8 years of experience of working in Sales and Services Training Function or L&D function of FMCG/ Manufacturing or Services sector
  • Experience in L&D product design and management for both online and offline Learning products and solutions in the sales and services area
  • Understanding of adult learning methodologies
  • Thorough understanding of Sales and Services Industry Processes and Practices
  • Understanding of pricing of products and offerings and solutions
  • Comfort with the use of technology for product management and designing

Desirable Attributes

  • Hands-on experience in the sales function.
  • Exposure to sales training will be an added advantage
  • Experience in Marketing and Branding of Learning Products

Target Industry/Sector

  • Consulting Firm: Nielsen Marketing Services, Bain & Company, Accenture LLP, PWC, KPMG, reputed boutique firms – Consulting & training, etc.
  • L&D function of FMCG, Manufacturing, IT or Services sector

Key Responsibility Areas

Some of the key responsibilities areas (not limited to these) would be the following:

  • Aligning contents into products as per the market demands and needs as offerings of sales and services academy.
  • Keeping abreast with competitors pricing and services and suggesting pricing mechanisms for products and offerings.
  • Ideate and develop innovative products, programs and offerings for the academy.
  • Leveraging technology for new-age product offerings.
  • Working closely with technical support in designing innovative products and content for both online and offline offerings of sales and services academy.
  • Managing alliances with external industry partners in the context of products and offerings for Sales and Service Academy.
  • Regularly engage in initiatives for capturing insights on current and future learning trends and program needs in the industry. Contributing towards developing new edge industry-relevant offerings.
  • Regularly Seeking Feedback from Customers on existing L&D products and solutions and improvising.
  • Aligning with Content design Team for developing assessment tools and quality enhancement framework for Sales and Services Products and Offerings

The successful applicant will be a highly motivated individual with good communication skills; will have varied industry experience in Sales and Services function/ Leadership Development and Training Function. Should have worked in consulting firms where the individual would have handled customer need identification, customized L&D product development, pricing and sales of the products designed. Would have an analytical approach with a strong understanding of sales and services practice and leadership development insights. The individual will possess the ability to work independently and in teams.

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