Job Position

Lead Product Manager for EdTech (Content)

New Delhi
Job Type
As per Industry Standards


The incumbent will be responsible for working with the Content Team. S/he will be supporting the team by translating the content into technology-based Ed-tech products. The individual should be skilled at managing the development of online platforms and E-tech products. Knowledge of leading-edge technology – software, tools is important for the role holder.

The role requires one to conceptualize outputs, write detailed requirement specifications and advise and manage a technical team (Internal/ External) for translating the same into the desired output. The individual will be required to interact with customers/ end users specified for the product or platform and seek inputs and feedback for developing and improving the product continuously.

The individual will also require to measure usage metrics and work towards improving the same. The product manager will be responsible for the customization of products, if needed, as per the requirement of the customers/ clients.

The product manager will do a detailed study to advise the sales and service academy, whether the desired product should be developed as a copyright product or should be acquired, leased or partnered with other product owners. Will be responsible to identify the products and tools available in the market and making informed presentations for supporting decisions. S/he will continuously keep oneself updated on both technology and products available in the market that will enhance sales and services academy’s offerings/ business.

For developing products the individual will be responsible for identifying suitable external or internal IT partners for translating the needs into desired output format in the most effective and economical way. The role-holder will take complete ownership of the product design and development from the technical end. S/he will continuously interact with SMEs and Program Design experts to stay ahead of market/ customer’s needs.  S/he will work as a team member and support the content development team by suggesting and managing the technological requirements for new edge content development. S/he will be expected to keep oneself abreast with new technologies and tools being developed and used for education and training purposes. S/ he may require to train the team and other members supporting content team objectives on the various technology platforms and basic techniques used for content development and for Sales and Services Academy.

Candidate Profile


  • B-tech in Computer Science/ Technical Certifications on AI-based product development Tools, Languages, Processes and Technology
  • 4+ years experience working in Ed-tech Firms or worked in AI-based product development
  • Worked as a product development leader for a minimum of 5 years
  • Shall have worked with the team in developing gaming and other AI-based technology-based product
  • Innovative in approach. Able and willing to try and learn new skills and tools required for developing ed-tech/ gaming content for the Academy

Other Attributes- Desired, not essential

  • Knowledge of the patent filing process
  • Exposure to and knowledge of IPR norms
  • Exposure to assessments and concepts of competency and competency framework
  • Should have the ability to handle various technical tools and equipment

Target Industry/Sector

  • Ed-tech Firms: Product Development Experience
  • Gaming Firms: Product Development Experience
  • Software Industry: Developing Products using AI

Key Responsibility Areas

Some of the key responsibilities areas (not limited to these) would be the following:

  • Writing product specifications in detail
  • Interacting with end-users and customers to understand the requirement for writing product specifications
  • Interacting with SME and Thought Leaders for understanding the requirements and the concepts
  • Managing the entire life cycle of the product from conception to final release and ensuring that it can handle the complexities of Training and Content Requirements of clients
  • Managing technical teams (internal/ external) and partners and delivering the products, platform or service effectively and with the specified time
  • Translating content into product using technology
  • Synthesize feedback, data to develop and continuously improvise high-quality product
  • Partnering and working with the firm’s internal content team in translating content developed into online products for sale and final offerings. Managing specifications for the same
  • Providing after-sales services for the platform or tool and continuously upgrading the same
  • Ensure that High standards of reliability, quality, usability and measurement are adhered to throughout each phase of product development, review and adoption to facilitate and align a successful product/ feature rollout
  • Ideate and develop products and platforms for other innovative products for the academy
  • Managing alliances with external partners on technical sides for Sales and Service Academy
  • Identifying technology partners for collaboration, associations, mergers or acquisitions

The successful applicant will be a highly motivated individual with good communication skills; proactive and innovative in approach. Open to learning and unlearning continuously and growing professionally. An individual who would bring structure to the design of content, content management tools and processes. The individual will possess the ability to work independently and in the team.

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