Keeping the workforce relevant for the industry is a big hurdle for corporates today. Learning technologies have tremendously evolved in the past decade, bringing in new methods of imparting training to employees. So far, many mid and large-sized organizations used the Learning Management System (LMS), which enabled them to create learning material for their workforce. The system is basic, where content is centrally uploaded, and employees undergo a training session and quiz – marking the end of the learning process. It is an organisation’s responsibility to provide their employees better tools to upgrade their skill set and stay relevant in the industry.

Indian Scenario

In India and similar countries, organizations with a national presence often face trouble coping with lingual diversity and long geographical distances, which affects the impact of traditional training courses. As a result, Learning eXperience Platforms (LXPs) came into existence. Coined to be for the ‘Netflix-age’, LXP is a one-stop learning platform that is different from LMS in many ways. LXP is flexible – allows employees to choose learning courses of their choice, remotely accessible – available on smartphones & personal gadgets, providing learning modules anywhere in the world. Among other advantages, LXPs cater to issues related to logistics, time and cost investment, and have proved to be profitable for business.

LXPs allow the creation of fundamentally designed learning path that enables companies to prepare and assign a learning program unique to each of its employees, ensuring their overall development at the organization. Platforms like Centum LearnPro comprise of cutting-edge features that deliver constant access to comprehensive and personalized L&D modules. The high level of engagement of these platforms lead to higher retention and provides real-time analytics to managers and business heads on the individual progress of employees. These platforms will catalyze an enormous change in the learning and development curves of employers and employees alike. The essence of the tool is to make the learning experience engaging, reliable, customizable and scalable – from anywhere in the world.