In a significant stride towards financial inclusivity and empowerment, Centum Foundation is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Fusion Micro Finance Limited. This collaboration marks the beginning of an innovative Skill Development Program, meticulously designed to equip individuals from underprivileged backgrounds in Sirsa and Ludhiana with critical microfinance skills. By focusing on the foundational aspects and nuances of microfinance, this initiative aims to cultivate skilled professionals capable of transforming their communities through informed financial decisions and services.

Targeting a cohort of 100 beneficiaries, the program is set to mobilize and train 50 individuals in each city, preparing them for roles as microfinance relationship officers. Over the course of 50 hours of comprehensive training, participants will delve into the depths of microfinance topics, gaining insights and expertise that will not only enhance their employability but also empower them to contribute significantly to the microfinance sector.

This initiative is more than just skill development; it's about creating opportunities for meaningful societal contributions and paving the way for financial empowerment at the grassroots level. As these individuals embark on their journey to become microfinance relationship officers, they carry with them the potential to impact lives, foster financial literacy, and drive economic growth within their communities.

Join us in celebrating this pivotal moment as we, along with Fusion Micro Finance Limited, embark on a journey to transform lives and champion the cause of financial inclusivity. Through this partnership, we are not just training the next generation of microfinance professionals; we are laying the foundation for a more inclusive and empowered future, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to their community's prosperity.