In a proactive response to the fast-changing professional environment, the ” Emerging Skill set in 2024: Driving focus and attention ” webinar offered a deep dive into the skills shaping the future workforce. Featuring thought leaders Sagarika Bose from SAP India and Arpit Sharma from the Skill Council for Green Jobs, the session explored pivotal trends and strategies for staying ahead in the skilling domain.

Digital Transformation and Technological Skillsets:

The webinar emphasized the ongoing digital revolution, urging professionals to embrace digital literacy and technological expertise. With a spotlight on cutting-edge fields like AI, blockchain, and augmented reality, the experts advocated for continuous upskilling through online platforms to seize emerging opportunities, also highlighting the universal importance of sales skills across sectors.

Remote Learning and Virtual Training:

The discussion underscored the rise of remote work and its impact on learning modalities, stressing the importance of online courses and virtual engagements to adapt to future learning environments. This shift encourages learners to embrace flexibility and initiative in their educational journeys.

Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence:

In the face of increasing automation, soft skills such as effective communication and adaptability are becoming invaluable. The webinar recommended nurturing these abilities through diverse interactive experiences, emphasizing their role in complementing technical proficiencies.

Sustainable and Green Skills:

Aligning with global sustainability trends, the session highlighted the growing need for green skills. As industries pivot towards eco-conscious practices, expertise in sustainability becomes crucial, signaling an expanding arena for both technical and non-technical roles.

The webinar concluded with a powerful message: the future belongs to those who are prepared. By understanding and cultivating the “Emerging Skill Set in 2024,” individuals and organizations can position themselves at the forefront of innovation and progress, ready to thrive in the dynamic landscape of tomorrow’s workforce. The insights shared by Bose and Sharma offer a roadmap for proactive skill development, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to navigate and excel in the evolving professional world.