The EduNext Summit 2023, a crucial event for the future of education technology, saw a significant contribution from Centum Foundation. Held at Microsoft’s Noida office on November 28th, the summit brought together experts to delve into the emerging role of EdTech in education. Representing Centum Foundation, Manish Prakash Sahu took center stage, offering insightful perspectives on how EdTech is revolutionizing learning landscapes in India.

The roundtable, themed ‘Navigating the Future with EdTech: Building a Resilient Educational Ecosystem’, explored various critical aspects of educational technology. Mr. Sahu, with his extensive experience and expertise, articulated the importance of EdTech in preparing students for the demands of rapidly evolving industries. He emphasized how it fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and ensures inclusivity in digital learning environments.

The summit also addressed the adaptation of pedagogy for online and blended learning environments. Assessing the impact of EdTech on learning outcomes, the significance of industry-academia collaboration, and overcoming challenges in implementing EdTech solutions were key discussion points. Mr. Sahu’s participation highlighted Centum Foundation’s commitment to educational excellence and innovation.

Complementing Mr. Sahu’s efforts, Mahima Singh and Sarthak Behl from Centum Foundation enhanced the organization’s presence at the summit. Their support solidified Centum Foundation’s united commitment to leading educational transformation through the integration of technology.

The EduNext Summit 2023 was more than just a conference; it was a beacon for the future of education in India. The insights and discussions led by Centum Foundation’s representatives underscored the pivotal role of EdTech in modernizing and enhancing educational practices. As a speaker, Mr. Sahu played a crucial role in shaping the dialogue and sharing innovative approaches to building a resilient educational ecosystem through EdTech.

This summit marked an important step forward in the journey towards a more technologically integrated and efficient educational system in India, with Centum Foundation at the forefront of this transformative movement.