Disha Shrivastava, representing Centum Foundation’s dedicated efforts in CSR, has been instrumental in driving impactful initiatives. Her work has not only contributed to the foundation’s mission but also significantly influenced the broader CSR landscape in Maharashtra. The summit provided a perfect platform to acknowledge her exemplary leadership and commitment to creating sustainable social change.

The accolade was presented by the renowned social reformer and natural farming expert, Padma Shri Subhash Palekar ji, adding a special honor to the recognition. This moment was more than an individual achievement for Disha; it was a testament to the effective and innovative approaches Centum Foundation has employed under her guidance in the realm of CSR.

Through Disha’s innovative measures, Centum Foundation has been able to implement projects that extend beyond traditional CSR activities, focusing on long-term, sustainable impact. Her role in shaping and executing these initiatives has not only benefited communities but also set a high standard for CSR efforts across the region.

The recognition of Disha Shrivastava at the Maharashtra CSR Summit is a moment of pride for Centum Foundation. It underscores the organization’s commitment to excellence in CSR and highlights the potential of dedicated individuals like Disha to drive meaningful change. As Disha continues to lead the way, Centum Foundation is poised to further its impact in the realm of social responsibility, inspired by her visionary approach and unwavering dedication.