10 Quality Commandments for Service Delivery Excellence

The Mantra for & Beyond 2021 – read all the 10 Quality Commandments under QUEST, a troika of QUality Consciousness, Envisaging Efforts and STakeholders synergy to achieve Service Delivery Excellence among the continuously evolving modern world customers.


Empowering Rural Livelihoods through Emerging Strategies

The webinar seeks to tackle the evolving needs of rural communities by delving into innovative strategies for bolstering existing livelihoods and fostering new avenues of growth.


Sonam Mehra: Lead CSR, Mahindra Farm Division,

Haribhai Mori: President CSR, Bajaj Group

Disha Shrivastava: Head- Strategic Partnerships & Growth, Centum Foundation

Feedback Culture: An Imperative for Business Success

Explore the role of feedback in driving organizational success, fostering a sense of belonging, and boosting workplace effectiveness.


Gautam Duggal: Director, Global Talent & Learning, People & Capability - Talent & OE, Mastercard

Dinesh Bhrushundi: Mentor - Leadership Development,

Shivani Rai: Head - Leadership Solutions, Centum Learning Limited

Grants & Beyond: Expansion & Strengthening CSR Programs

Explore effective grant management and CSR program strengthening, with valuable insights on creating sustainable social impact from industry experts.


Priya Naik: Founder & CEO, Samhita Social Ventures

Tejal Rajgor: Manager - CSR, Jupiter Foundation

Disha Shrivastava: Head- Strategic Partnerships & Growth, Centum Foundation

Doing Business In Harmony with Nature

Join us as we dialogue with some leading companies in India to understand their perspective on doing business ‘In Harmony with Nature’.


Biswarup Banerjee: Program Manager, Renewable Energy, IKEA Foundation

Jainee Nathwani: Head - Corporate Social Responsibility, United Breweries Limited

Ambika Prasad Nanda: Head - Corporate Social Responsibility, TATA Steel Odisha

Aditya Petwal: Subject Matter Expert, Centum Foundation

Learning Sales Virtually to Drive Business Growth

With the change in the nature of sales function in itself, the skills essential for being an effective sales and services professional are also undergoing change.


Jagmohan Singh Rishi: AVP - Talent Development, Business Excellence & Digital Strategy, Wockhardt

Prashant Sharma: Founder & Head Coach, Coach Prashant

Digitizing SSC’s Core Capabilities

While the shift towards digitization in areas like QP development, Content Development, Training of trainers & assessors, Assessment & certification, and delivery modes are not new, circumstances caused by the pandemic have expedited the need for these changes.


Sunil Marwah: CEO, FICSI

Arvind Bali: CEO, TSSC

Col. Anil Kumar Pokhriyal (Retd.): CEO, MEPSC

The Fortune at the Middle of the Pyramid

Traditional ways of leadership development are losing steam in a rapidly changing world. As companies move to less hierarchy and simplified managerial levels, work is more about cross-functional teams which are increasingly remote. The manager’s world is changing too..


Gaurika Tandon: Head, Learning & Engagement, Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

Akash Chander: Managing Director & Principal Coach, Strengthscape

Skill Development under CSR to address COVID Challenges

Skill development programs have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The challenges faced by formal TVET (Technical & Vocational Education & Training) and short-term skills training for out-of-school youth and current workers are unprecedented.


Manish Prakash Sahu: Chief Operating Officer, RPG Foundation

Bhaskar Natarajan: Head – Programme Execution, Tata STRIVE

Arvind Bali: CEO, TSSC

Building capabilities towards business resurgence in Insurance sector

Research is indicating that 60% of the current jobs will be replaced by new jobs. This indicates that there would be a requirement for the new set of capabilities.


Maurice Amogola: CEO, Minet Uganda

Peter Kagia: General Manager- Life Insurance Business, The Monarch Insurance Company Limited

Empowering Mid-Level Leaders for Accelerating Business Growth

As a mid-level leader, one often finds oneself surrounded with huge accountability and less freedom to make decisions or work independently. It is thus critical to explore – how to empower mid-level leaders for accelerating business growth? And, as a mid-level leader - How to win empowerment from senior leaders?


Seema Singh: CEO, Cosmo Looks

High Impact Virtual Selling

Virtual selling is here to stay, requiring professionals to rethink approaches and pivot to newer channels. But being a great virtual sales team doesn’t simply mean conducting video calls, there’s a lot more to it.


Ravi Sharma: Lead, Learning & OD - India and Manager, Sales Training - APAC, Avery Dennison

Pritha Dubey: Sales & Leadership Coach and Founder, Success Vitamin

Managing & Training Teams Effectively for the new Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact not just on public health, but also on education and businesses. While it’s important to focus on near-term survival, it is also vital to think about how businesses will operate once the pandemic subsides.


Rakesh Rao: ,

Susan Onyach: HR Director - Kenya, Airtel


How has corporate training changed?

Delve into the profound changes in corporate training driven by Generative AI, Blended Learning, Gamification, and Microlearning. Explore how customization is revolutionizing learning experiences and the future of corporate training.

Why is Corporate Training Important?

Uncover the transformative power of corporate training! Learn how it boosts performance, manages change, maximizes ROI, uplifts morale, drives digital transformation, and promotes diversity.

Essential Customer Service Soft Skills Training Topics: A Pathway to Exceptional Service

Discover the significance of soft skills in customer service and the key training topics that can enhance customer interactions. From effective communication and active listening to empathy and problem-solving, these skills are crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Learn more about these essential customer service soft skills training topics today.

Unlocking Sales Excellence: 10 Principles for Lasting Customer Relations & Revenue Growth

Sales excellence is crucial in today's competitive business landscape. It involves empathy, understanding customer needs, strategic planning, efficient processes, and leveraging technology. This article provides a comprehensive guide to achieving sales excellence and driving sustainable growth.

Guide to Selecting the Best Sales Training Companies: Factors to Consider When Hiring

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Leading the Pack: The Crucial Role of Sales Management Training

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A Comprehensive Guide on Sales Training

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Modes of Corporate Training Delivery: Pros, Cons, and Best Use Cases

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Best Sales Training Programs & Topics

Unlock the potential of your sales team with our top sales training programs. This article delves into the importance of sales training and highlights customized solutions that can drive performance and revenue growth. Discover how investing in sales training can lead to business success.

Should Sales Training Differ For Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are sold by highly trained sales staff who have a deep understanding of what makes their product so special. When you buy luxury, you're not just buying something—you're buying into an experience that promises to deliver an elevated sense of yourself. Due to this, its training program should be different.

Behavioural Training For Gig Workers

In the current scenario, many people are moving from full-time positions to freelancing or gig work. To ensure optimal performance, behavioural training is necessary for these gig workers. This article discusses the challenges they face and the importance of training.

Behavioural training needs for remotely working employees

With the shift to a 'Work from home' scenario, organizations are looking to upskill the workforce. Read on to know the behavioural training needs for remote employees.

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Gaurav Paruthi

AVP – L&D (HR)

HDFC Ergo Health (Earlier Apollo Munich Health Insurance)

Varun Kakaria

Regional IS Director - South Asia

Reckitt Benckiser

Dinesh Bhrushundi

Ex-Chief Quality Officer

Delhi International Airport Ltd.

Jia Lal Koundal

Group Head – Trade Marketing, Sellout, Exclusive Channel & DRM