Fostering Skills for a Brighter Future

At the core of the skill development and employability enhancement project, funded by HDFC Parivartan, lies a commitment to transforming lives through education and skill training. This initiative, spearheaded by Centum Foundation, has illuminated paths for numerous individuals, empowering them with the skills necessary for self-reliance and economic independence.

A Diverse Range of Skill-Enhancing Courses

The project encompassed a variety of courses, including tailoring, General Duty Assistant (GDA), and retail sales, each designed to address the specific needs and aspirations of the participants. These courses were more than just educational programs; they were gateways to new opportunities, offering participants the tools to forge their destinies in a competitive world.

Tailoring Success and Stitching Confidence

The tailoring courses, in particular, stood out for their impact. They provided participants with not just the technical know-how of sewing and garment making but also instilled a sense of confidence and business acumen. This training empowered many to start their boutique businesses or find employment in the garment industry, thereby enhancing their financial independence and self-esteem.

Beyond Tailoring: Diverse Opportunities in GDA and Retail

Similarly, the GDA and retail courses opened up new avenues for participants. Those who enrolled in the GDA course found opportunities in healthcare facilities, contributing significantly to patient care and medical support services. In contrast, the retail courses equipped participants with customer service and sales skills, essential for thriving in the dynamic retail sector.

Transformative Impact on Lives

The collective impact of these training programs has been profound. Participants, who once faced financial hardships and limited career prospects, emerged from the courses with renewed hope and tangible skills. The transformation witnessed in their lives goes beyond economic benefits; it’s about the growth in their self-worth, dignity, and the ability to contribute positively to their families and communities.


The skill development and employability enhancement project is a testament to the power of targeted education and skill-building. It underscores the significant role such initiatives play in not just enhancing individual capabilities but in fostering a more inclusive and empowered society. This project serves as a shining example of how thoughtful, well-executed training programs can create lasting impacts on lives and communities.