The latest batch of Mahindra’s tractor driving training in Jaipur under the ‘Livelihood Generation through Farm Mechanization’ program marks a milestone in rural empowerment and gender equality. The program proudly witnessed 80 enthusiastic youths, including 30 courageous women, successfully complete their training. This achievement holds particular significance as these women defied societal expectations to participate in what is traditionally considered a male-dominated field.

The closing ceremony in Jaipur was a celebration of this remarkable journey, graced by Shri Rohit Thakur, Mahindra CHRO (AFS division), and Shri D.C. Trivedi, Mahindra Jaipur Plant Head. The highlight was the license distribution to the rural women, symbolizing not just the acquisition of a skill but also the breaking of patriarchal barriers.

Mahindra Tractor Case Study Image Left
Mahindra Tractor Case Study Image Right

Similarly, the Nagpur chapter of the program, held in Zilpi Mohgav, a tribal area on the outskirts of Nagpur district, echoed the same spirit of inclusivity and empowerment. Out of 80 participants, 26 were women, exemplifying the growing trend of female participation in such skill-based training. The event was attended by distinguished members of the Mahindra Nagpur Steering Committee, including Abhijit Kalambe, Narendra Satfale, Nitin Pagar, Jitendra Zile, Suhas Patil, and Amit Ghosh, who witnessed the budding potential of these empowered individuals.

These training programs by Mahindra Farm Mechanization are more than just skill development initiatives; they are beacons of social change. They not only equip the youth, especially women, with the technical know-how of tractor driving but also instill confidence and a sense of independence. This initiative is a testament to Mahindra’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone, irrespective of gender, can flourish and contribute to their communities’ growth. As these newly trained individuals embark on their journeys, they carry with them not just a license to drive but a license to redefine their roles in society.