Life @ Centum Learning

Life @ Centum Learning

As an organization, Centum Learning truly believes in inculcating a vibrant culture that looks beyond work and engages its employees in various activities. To undertake these activities, our approach is to follow a systematic, sustainable & participate model by actively involving employees, soliciting ideas and encouraging employee involvement.

Our 'Passion for People' strategy focuses on the key driver of business success - Employee Engagement. Passion for People is all about creating an inclusive and high-energy working environment in which employees work together towards the same goals. This delivers a competitive advantage – an engaged and motivated workforce give their best every day. We define engagement as the extent to which our employees are truly committed to company goals, speak out positively for the company, go above and beyond each day and intend to stay with Centum Learning.

Centum Learning’ strong and indisputable reputation among its customers or communities is solely attributed to our focused and dedicated employees. They are our everyday difference-makers, and we are dedicated to fostering a culture that provides every employee the opportunity to participate fully in helping the company build success and generate sustained growth.

We are increasingly focused on helping employees build their talents and skills through extensive training and development programs using Technology enabled Blended Learning (TeBL®) methodology , while we remain committed to helping them maintain a work / life balance through our policies of flexi-time and working from home when needed. We rely on our engaged employees to help us continuously improve our work environment and contribute to enhancing the quality of life in our communities. Thus, it’s a symphony between the organization and the employees that leads to the higher quality and performance at par!

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