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Corporate Training

  • 21+ Countries
  • 21 Industry Sectors
  • 31+ Languages
  • 169+ Cities
  • 350+ Global Firms Impacted
  • 200,000 Professionals Trained YoY
  • 28 Awards and Global Recognition
  • 1,200,000 People skilled across Countries

We at Centum Learning believe in delivering quality learning & development solutions having a direct and measurable impact on key business performance indicators through our unique technology enabled blended learning.

Any training solution is ineffective if it doesn’t impact your primary objective – your business out comes, Knowledge index, Service quality to mention a few. Whether it’s maximizing productivity at automotive retail outlet; improving CSAT scores for a leading telecom client; improving Airport Service Quality scores for a leading international Airport; or sourcing & providing pre-hire training for a global retail giant– all our interventions have one common DNA – i.e. impacting business outcomes.

Over the years, Centum Learning through Technology Enabled Blended Learning (TeBL®) approach has championed the art of impacting business outcomes of global clients across multiple sectors through its customized corporate training programs. It has a unique learning platform Centum LearnPro®.

Our Offerings

Offerings at Centum Learning

Virtual Sales Academy

Develop capability & empower your sales team to take on the challenges of virtual selling in the new normal & beyond

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Sharpen the skills of your employees in a collaborative & convenient virtual learning environment

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Mid-level leadership training

A suite of programs targeted at mid-level managers, to create and sustain winning mid-level leadership teams.

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Other Training Programs

Sales Team Training

Soft Skills Training

Experiential Learning

Assessment Development Centers

Centum Learning provides end to end training solutions for multiple domains to impact business metrics. Centum provides learning solutions for Product, Process, Mid and Senior level leadership training.

Learning eXperience Platform (LXP/ LMS)

Simplifying Learning, Stimulating Development

Our smart learning platform – Centum LearnPro® is just not a LMS but a Learning eXperience Platform (LXP). The smart platform gives a single-point-of-access for all learning needs of the employees, be it be curating and aggregating content, creating learning and career pathways, enabling networking, enhancing skill development, and tracking learning activities delivered via multiple channels and content partners. By delivering on a central platform, our LXP enables businesses to provide an engaging and learning-rich experience as compared to any standard LMS. Centum LearnPro® provides a reliable, secure, flexible, customizable and scalable solution for the continuous corporate training needs of an organization. Smart learning platforms helps in:

Employee Onboarding

Provide your new employees with a comprehensive and personalized onboarding experience with anytime-anywhere learning. Enable your new hires to be productive.

Continuous Product & Process Training

Constantly train and upskill your distributed workforce with interactive and engaging bite-sized content to achieve business goals.

Real-time Communication

Use advanced and intuitive, real-time communication tools to communicate, collaborate and drive meaningful discussions amongst your employees across geographies

Employee Engagement

Constantly ‘engage’ your workforce by making them part of each product/process-rollouts, announcements, news & updates

Integrated Learning

Integrate various training delivery modes – self paced learning, classroom training, live virtual training & MOOCs thus enhancing the digital learning experience for learners

Our Partnership Models

Joint Learning Academy

Centum Learning partners with organizations to co-create joint academies that impact key business outcomes. It engages with clients, conducts need diagnostics study and provides consulting framework for the establishment of these joint academies. These joint academies are designed to ensure sustained standards of performance and enhance productivity.

Training Process Outsourcing

Organizations are focusing on the core strengths and outsourcing many of the non-core areas. One of the non-core area is the complete training process. Centum has been partnering with various organizations on Training Process Outsourcing where the complete responsibility of running the training academy lies with Centum. While doing such type of partnerships, KPIs to be impacted are mutually agreed. In this partnership Centum creates customized multi lingual content, develops testing and certification mechanisms , selects and trains trainers & sets up review and audit processes.

Learning and Assessment Center

Centum Learning offers an end-to-end execution of the assessment centers activities which comprise:

  • Designing a customized assessment center
  • Conducting assessment center exercises
  • Monitoring and reporting outcomes
An assessment center is used in the evaluation of competencies of individual employees to perform in a given managerial position. Assessment Centers allow for evaluation of employee desirable skills, knowledge and attitude through a range of situational exercises and job simulation activities thereby determining if they have the desired skills and abilities to perform well on the job. The assessments are conducted through Centum LearnPro®

Source Hire Train

Organizations are outsourcing the complete sourcing and training of the entry level staff. Centum has come up with a unique solution of Source Hire Train where we take care of this need of the organizations.This is done by understanding the specific manpower requirement from our client. Basis the profile shared with us, the candidates are sourced through our various channels. These candidates are then trained as per the requirement of the client in order to make them productive from day one of their joining the client. This training includes the complete induction training as well as product & process training before the candidate joins the client.

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Client Testimonials

  • As a company, we are young, dynamic and are constantly looking to grow. Resting on our laurels is not an option. We are always looking for ways to imp...

    Arun Batra

    CEO Matrix Cellular International Services Pvt. Ltd

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    Sateesh. V. Shet

    DGM - Learning & Organisation Development Asia MotorWorks

  • The process manual devised by Centum Learning experts is highly elaborate and would help us in many ways....

    Rahul Chopra

    Vice President Everest Industries Ltd.

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