Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

 “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

‘Experiential Training’ or the practice of ‘learning by doing’ is making learning real-time and more engaging. This constantly strengthening phenomenon is making one have real-time experiences to develop new skills, attitudes and novel ways of thinking. Holding true to the saying that we remember: 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear and 80% of what we experience, experiential training is bringing the saying come alive. Centum Learning, being one of pioneers of this revolutionary concept in enhancing learning effectiveness, is bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace through its Experiential Training programs outside traditional academic settings.

 What is Experiential Learning

Experiential Training is a holistic learning form that is a combination of various forms of learning such as classroom, psychometric tool based, outbound and one-on-one coaching which helps participants understand and apply the gained knowledge, skills and perspectives within a single learning initiative. Thus, Experiential Training provides a solution that is a conjunction of the individual along with the self, other people and the environment in which the individual operates.

Experiential Learning involves the four basic steps:

  • Concrete Experience: Facing a relevantly new situation or experience
  • Reflection on the New experience: Reviewing/Reflecting what you learned from the experience
  • Idea Development: Concluding on the lessons your learned basis the experience
  • Active Experimentation: Planning and Trying out what you learned to make yourself better at it


 How does it add Value?

In today’s world, businesses are falling behind because the markets are highly competitive requiring shorter turnaround time and service life cycles. Traditional training approaches are not as approachable to needs of businesses as they were before. This is one of the reasons organisations are incorporating experiential learning in their corporate training programs.  While addressing all aspects of an individual's personality – sight from there 'mind & body' to their 'intellect & emotions'. In the due course, this training stimulates the subconscious i.e. the unknown and ever changing environment, competition, failures, successes, and 'survival through speed. Experiential Training ensures a spirit of camaraderie with a focus on a common objective as well as experience based action planning.

Centum Learning undertakes end-to-end training Unique & highly customized Experiential Training programs that can accommodate anywhere between 15-500 participants for duration varying from 1 hour to 4 days. It Ideal for employee engagement programmes, sales & dealer meets, conferences and annual events, the intensity can vary from a customized intervention to plug ‘n’ play activities.

  • Business Simulations: Growing numbers of organization are adopting learning from experience to address the ‘Training’ needs of its workforce. Experiencing, Sharing, Analyzing, Reflecting and Correlating the learning for workplace application is making business simulations the most effective medium to develop individuals and teams at the workplace.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Activities: Lets the individuals and groups discover their latent talent and strengths in a safe, secure and supportive learning atmosphere, collectively going through challenges and obstacles.
  • Adventure Based Learning: Provides the participant’s hands-on-activities, allows them to brainstorm and use resources to gather information and discover solutions to problems. Adventure based group challenges help people explore issues of leadership, cooperation, and conflict.

Experiential Learning is nothing new. It has been used since ages. Repeatedly, this unique method of training has proven as an effective way to engage employees and improve the learning experience. It’s time you adopt this in your training strategy to get the results you desire.


 Training Programs Offered: 

  • Major David's Diamond Rush
  • 10 Sisters
  • Crazy Olympics
  • Air-O-Float
  • Jungle Safari
  • Orienteering Build
  • Your Edifice
  • Gun Battle
  • Manifesto
  • Human Caterpillar
  • River Rafting
  • Mission Kargil
  • Flag Hoisting
  • Adventure Sports
  • Big Foot 
  • Garden City 
  • Strategic Tapping
  • Lord of the Ring
  • Fire Ball
  • River Rafting
  • Mission Kargil
  • Flag Hoisting










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Client Testimonials

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