Assessment Development Centers

Assessment Development Centers


Assessment Development Centers (ADC) has gained wide recognition as a systematic and rigorous means of identifying behavior for the purposes of recruitment, selection, promotion and development within the workplace.

An assessment center carries out a series of tests using several techniques like simulation, psychometric test, games and exercises to take critical decisions like selective or rejecting a candidate for recruitment, for promotions and appraisals etc. Centum Learning offers an end-to-end execution of the assessment centers activities which comprise:

  • Designing a customized assessment center
  • Conducting assessment center exercises
  • Monitoring and reporting outcomes

A Development Centers and assessment centers are often confused as being the same as they use the same techniques to evaluate employees. But there are certain apparent differences between them. A development center like an assessment center uses testing techniques like simulation, psychometrics etc, but the purpose of it are totally different. We conduct a development center as the name suggests only for the employees. We conduct it to assess potential, to identify strengths and development needs, and the result is a well documented individual development plan for each participant.

We can establish the Development Center for a definite period where each day, employees undergo training interventions. It also has a pre-defined skill and behaviors as a reference point which are assessed but unlike assessment centers, feedback precedes the process. During assessments only the outcome that is shared with the employees, but in the development center, the employee is provided with skill gap analysis, post every exercise and towards the end, the trainer can elaborate feedbacks which lays the foundation for the development of an individual.

 Why Assessment Development Centers?

Assessment & development center as the name suggests is conducted only for the developmental purposes of the employees. It is conducted to assess potential, to identify strengths and development needs and the end result is a well-documented individual development plan for each participant. It provides:

  • Highly relevant/observable and comprehensive information
  • Effective decision-making, including workforce planning
  • An effective preview of the role/job level
  • Developmental payoffs to candidates/participants arising from self-insight obtained
  • A method of assessment that predicts work performance

 How it adds value?

As assessment centers are used in the evaluation of competencies of individual employees to perform in a given managerial position, it allow for evaluation of employee desirable skills, knowledge and attitude. This can be easily achieved through a range of situational exercises and job simulation activities thereby determining if they have the desired skills and abilities to perform well on the job using Centum LearnPro®  With this, you can create various types of smart assessments with randomizer as well as explore options like ‘Section wise assessments’, ‘negative marking’ etc. making the platform very comprehensive, yet secure and reliable. Assessments can planned as ‘Objective’ or ‘Subjective’ and easily implemented on mobile devices. All the detailed analytics are made available to HR Team to take right decisions.

 Programs offered:

Fuel that competitive spirit of employees - Assessments become ‘Annual Contests’

Research shows that creating healthy competition within employees can substantially increase results. Sales contests are the most obvious way to ignite that competitive spirit, but they shouldn’t be about elevating one individual over another.

Running effective sales contests is all about pushing the entire team to reach collective new heights. To do this, you must keep in mind that the three primary goals of a sales contest are to:

  • Elevate the performance
  • Increase overall team activity
  • Enhance team morale

This kind of platform focusses on the growth and development of the sales force, while measuring their current capabilities and getting recognized as per their performance.   We design the sales contest as a multi-level contest which gives each individual more and ample opportunity to fight it out and also prove their mettle. They undergo rigorous trainings and evaluations at various levels to keep their position in the contest.

They undergo online assessment, classroom training, role plays, business case studies, real-time projects that require changes to be made to their current environment, project evaluation and ROI impact created. And finally the top performers make it to the Grand Finale, where they battle it out through management simulations, convincing a panel of judges, undergo rapid fire quizzes to up their scores and multiple other activities to emerge as a winner.

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