2 Sep 2013

Calling India Inc to lead the Skill Development Agenda

Sanjeev Duggal, CEO & Director, Centum Learning Limited and Co-Chair FICCI Skill Development Forum, inviting policy makers, decision makers, national and international delegates to attend FICCI Global Skills Summit 2013…

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15 May 2013

Investment in Vocational Education

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14 May 2013

Vocational Education – What it means to be degreed?

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15 Mar 2013

Skill Development Faces Social Challenges

Centum Learning is a global player in skills development and training. From its inception in 2006 as a Bharti Enterprises offshoot, Centum Learning has quickly grown into a multinational player, thanks largely to Bharti’s African foray in early 2010. Today, Centum is present across of 17 African countries, besides India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The company has floated a joint venture, Centum WorkSkills India Ltd, with the National Skill Development Corporation to skill 12 million across 11 states and 383 districts. Centum is working with various ministries and government agencies to meet the target. The company has set up about 470 learning centres in rural and urban locations, says Sanjeev Duggal, CEO & director, Centum Learning.

Read the entire story that has appeared in Financial Express today here

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29 Oct 2012

Making most of the Public Private Partnerships

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24 Aug 2012

Skilling Development – What’s the right model for India?

Is India ready to take advantage of its demographic dividend? Is the industry ready to absorb vocationally skilled workforce? Do we have a performance appraisal mechanism for blue collar workforce? These are few of the many ideas that were discussed and debated at the recently concluded conference on skill development organized by the People Matters magazine and NSDC.

Our society is in a mode of social transformation. We still like to be served. When we go to a shopping mall, we still look forward to a customer care executive to hand out products to us, though they are out there on display! We are working without a framework between education and vocational skills. There aren’t any models that we can say are best for India. Models in India will take a long time to evolve.

However, there has to be a balance between money and the social cause. All …

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10 Aug 2012

Challenge in Skill Development

We recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn page on the topic “What do you think is the biggest challenge in skill development” and here is a snapshot of the response the poll generated. Do you think differently? Do you have a point of view on this? Share your comments/ feedback?

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6 Jun 2012

Key Strategic Partnerships in Skill Development

Sanjeev Duggal, Co-Chair FICCI Skill Development Forum and CEO & Director, Centum Learning recently addressed a focus group  in the area of Skill Development on evolving key strategic partnerships with Burton & South Derbyshire College (BSDC) UK.

Some of the key issues discussed at the forum include:

· Availability of skilled trainers
· Quality control of assessors verifiers
· Creating a pool of people who can write competency based content  localized to Indian context
· Availability of course content in vernacular languages
· Sectoral development of pool of skill instructors…

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3 May 2012

Sustainable & Scalable Skills Development

Mapping job opportunities with relevant skill sets linked to employability is the only way India can unlock the potential of its young workforce and address the skills challenge India faces today. While the Indian job market is buoyant and positive, the youth in rural areas are often alienated from the mainstream development because they are either unemployed or underemployed. 

Exploring at a micro level, one may find depressing realities which are hampering the success of the skills initiatives being run at multiple levels in the country. To name a few, the unwillingness of the young men & women to relocate from their native place for employment, inability & unwillingness to cope with cultural changes, lack of career aspirations, etc continue to plague the skill initiatives. In the same context, the Industry also fails to recruit and retain the skilled youth because of inadequate salary structures, work facilities and so on.…

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8 Feb 2012

Skilling India : Mission Possible

Decades back, Mahatma Gandhi said, “The soul of India lives in its villages”. It’s true & even more crucial today. While India’s economic progress has happened in few cities & select metros, the potential & opportunity at the bottom of pyramid – the rural market is now waiting to be harnessed. Economists, marketers, educationists, corporate houses and even the government machinery have taken cognizance of this huge opportunity, which has pushed skill development at the forefront of nation building.

500 million to be skilled by 2022 – is a huge mandate and cannot be accomplished by various stakeholders individually. As India wakes up to the urgent need of skilled workers, efforts are being made to hasten the initiatives in the field of skills development and vocational training. According to a Planning Commission report, at present, only 10 per cent of the workforce in the country has some form of …

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